Pimping my blog for fun

I was wondering how many people noticed the Nuffnang ad on my right sidebar when I first put it up a couple weeks ago. It was then a small blue ad like this:

It totally fits the colour theme of my blog so I thought it would blend in so nicely that some people might not even notice it.

But it seems like the ad has now turned into a big red Nike ad, so I think it’s time to say something.

I have till now been iffy about putting ads on my blog because I don’t want to mess up my blog’s clean design. But I discovered Nuffnang, a new blog advertising community that just set up office in Singapore. And I felt compelled to sign up because:

  1. The founders seem like fun and creative people and I like supporting fun, creative people. [Read their story here…]
  2. Their logo is cute and their corporate colour is my favourite colour.
  3. Nuffnang has a community element and organises events for members and I’m just a sucker for fun events.
  4. I could even earn some money while being a part of this fun thing just by giving up a tiny portion of my blog space for ads.
  5. Having more money would help because then I won’t have to temp so much to support myself and I would be able to spend more time blogging! (Ok, I totally have no delusions of earning heaps from this but every little cent counts lah.)
  6. The Nuffnang ad was cute and funny and I didn’t mind having it on my blog.
  7. The ads that will be served hereafter will be local ads to appeal to local readers, which I think is exciting.

So please support me by not minding the ads on my blog. I think Nike being the first advertiser is so cool, even though the ad colour doesn’t go with my blog, because I love Nike stuff.

Which reminds me… my poor Nike shoes are breaking apart (soles coming off) and I need a new pair for my jogging sessions with Nanny Wen. Arghh… I wonder how long it will take for me to earn enough money from Nuffnang to buy a new pair?