Very helpful taxi driver

On the way to Orchard Road for a shoot. I’m nicely made up and wearing a pretty dress.

In a cab.

Five minutes into the ride, the taxi driver mumbles something in a friendly tone. I can’t hear clearly so I get him to repeat.

He says, in Mandarin, “Play music for you. If not it’s boring.”

His cab doesn’t have a stereo. He’s playing music off some tiny portable device. Can’to see what it is.

It’s one of those sentimental boyband songs.

The taxi driver continues saying, in an almost shy, conspiratorial tone, “Let you go dating in a good mood.”

Nice strangers make up for evil acquaintances

I met two nice strangers today, which made up for the rude shock I received yesterday regarding that evil person who badmouthed me. Yay!

The first was a Malay taxi driver.

When he asked me what route I wanted to take, I said with an apologetic grin, “Up to you, as long as you get me there by 3 pm!”

“Wah! 3 pm!” he said, “I’ll try my best, miss!”

And he really did! I seldom see taxi drivers willing to speed for their passengers, but this guy did. He was really pushing the accelerator whenever he had the chance to.

When 3 pm arrived and we were mere minutes away from my destination, he said, “So sorry, but I think we’ll be a bit late.”

I told him it’s okay and thanked him for trying his best.

We got there at 3:04 pm. Once again, he apologised for not getting me there on time (making me feel quite bad).

What a nice person!


The next was a Malay girl.

I was at City Hall MRT station going home. When the train came, I was the last person in “line” because I don’t like rushing into trains like rabid Singaporean commuters do. But by that time, the train was so full I couldn’t get in without stepping on toes, so I kinda hung around outside.

There was this Malay girl at the edge of the door on the inside. Somehow, we made eye contact and smiled at each other knowingly. Then she squeezed really hard to one side to create a space for me and sort of eye-signalled me to get in.

I smiled back at her thankfully and hopped into the train just before the doors closed.

What a nice girl!

It warms my heart when I meet strangers so willing to help another fellow stranger.

And I feel a lot happier today, too, thanks to all your encouraging and supportive comments.

Thank you, kind people of the world!


Because the two nice strangers I met today are both Malays, I’m reminded to wish all my Muslim friends and readers Selamat Hari Raya in advance!

Looking forward to all the yummy food! =)