Who says I always look the same?

Stupid JayWalk complained that I “every time same look one“.

I don’t know how different he expects me to look every day lah. Does he want me to look like Elvis Presley tomorrow and then a potato chip the next day?

Siaoness. I’m Sheylara aka Qiaoyun, and of course I look like Sheylara aka Qiaoyun.

But never let it be said that I do not embrace challenges. So, here are some “different” looks for his viewing pleasure.

This is my “see what see” look:

This is my “I’m yearning for mooncakes” look:

And this is my “Still yearning for mooncakes but decide to pose nicely for the camera” look:

Besides all those creative stares, you will seldom see me with my hair up. Or rather, attempting to have it up, since, as you can see, my hair is very hard to pin up and will insist on look dishevelled.