Girls on netbooks

The Club Morte ladies are so geeky.

Some weeks ago, after attending his MBA commencement ceremony late at night, the Goonfather and I went to Sunset Bay at East Coast Park to look for our friends.

Sunset Bay

Sorry, this is the only photo I have of Sunset Bay. You’re supposed to ignore me in the picture.

So, when we arrived at Sunset Bay, we saw Minou and Wang Wang sitting in the pub, glued to their netbooks. The guys were somewhere rollerblading and cycling.

When I got home that night, I saw the plurk conversation discussing the night’s supposedly “healthy lifestyle” activities. Here’s an excerpt:


Okay, to be fair, the two girls weren’t able to exercise that night because they were both recovering from illness and still on antibiotics.

But it’s still funny to see two lone girls tapping away on their netbooks at a pub.

A few weeks later, they did it again.

Well, this time, it’s “we”.

We were celebrating National Day by having a picnic, again at East Coast Park.

Girls on netbooks

All the girls brought netbooks.

None of the guys did, even though they’re actually bigger geeks than us, since they’d spend days just discussing which PSU is best for one of their systems.

Then, after buying the PSU, they’d spend another few more days discussing whether it’s really the best.

I guess female geeks and male geeks are different!

Male geeks are lazy. They prefer to sit or lie down to do their geeky discussions.

Lazy geeks