Status: Freaked Out

Hello! I’m on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

You don’t want to hear the gory details, but the gist of it is that projects (acting and writing) are piling up and I’m stretched a zillion ways and I can’t sleep at night, which makes me very unproductive in the day, which doesn’t help move projects along.

(You might suggest that I do my projects at night, but I can’t, for practical reasons.)

Today’s blog will be quick and random because I need to spend more time clearing projects before I really have a nervous breakdown. =)

  • No, I’m not being stalked.
  • I don’t have to be a smoker after all because the director has removed the smoking scene. Thank you all very muchly for your advice and concern!
  • I saw a man riding a bicycle on a pavement. A probation plate was proudly mounted on his front basket. (You know, that ghastly yellow square with orange triangle.) I suppose that means pedestrians should be understanding if he happens to run over them.
  • One of my projects is a theatre performance piece. I have to write my own damn script.
  • I encountered a male jogger today wearing a grey singlet, blue shorts, white-and-black running shoes and hot pink socks. The socks were worn loose in leg-warmer fashion, extending about four inches up his calf. Stylish.
  • Life’s most annoying conundrum: Being too hungry to sleep and too sleepy to eat.
  • I won a Singapore Sports Council workout class from a lucky draw. I can choose any class I like. I chose a class in the cheapest category (ABT – $52). For reference, the most expensive classes are $110 (Pilates). I’m a disgrace to the spirit of Singaporeanism.

Okay. Time to move.

Got a library fine to pay.

I will still try to blog daily even when my brain starts leaking out my ears, so don’t stop visiting! ;)

Don’t worry. I’m a little freaked out by the stress but I won’t actually have a nervous breakdown.