Who says natural beauty is best?

People always say that natural beauty is the best. Some guys like to claim that they only go for women who look beautiful without makeup.

Then why, oh why, have I never seen a bride without makeup?

I use the example of brides because it’s traditional for women to want to look their most beautiful on their wedding day. And they use makeup to help them achieve that.

So, where are all the proponents of “natural beauty” when it comes to weddings?

Honestly, will a guy want to walk down the aisle with his bride sporting a freshly-scrubbed face?

I know some guys will say, “I don’t mind… but my bride will.”

Haha. Fair enough. But if your partner looks more beautiful without makeup, in your opinion, then why would she “uglify” herself with makeup?

If no woman in the world actually wants to be wedded in a clean face, then where did this “natural beauty” propaganda come from?

Sometimes, I think people just say things to make themselves sound good, without considering that their words may actually conflict with the truth.

Thought about this because I’m going out without makeup today and I hope I don’t run into anyone I know. Haha.

This photo is obviously with makeup on.

I do believe there are women who look amazing without makeup, maybe even better, but I think most can look better with the right dose of makeup.

Having said that, I wish makeup had never been invented! Even though it makes me look better, it’s so troublesome to be dependent on it.

How much time and money I could have saved without it!

I’m a huge proponent of: If you never knew it, you will never miss it, so it’s better to never have had it.

Unfortunately, I’m in the business where makeup is an essential tool. So, too bad, I’m stuck for life.