Perks of being an actress

Sometimes, being on set can be so fun that it doesn’t feel like work at all.

I was out on a corporate video shoot on Monday. It felt more like an outing because there were many locations and I got to play tourist.

Free cakes and coffee! One of the small perks of being an actor. Sometimes you get to eat yummy stuff for free if a scene calls for it.

Another perk is that you get to wear clothes you’d never otherwise get into your head to try on.

I feel very tall in this top!

Sometimes, filming takes you places you’d never visit on your own.

Such as the National Museum of Singapore.

Not that I’m claiming to be an uncultured hayseed but, really, who has time to visit the museum?

So, I was really glad to get the chance to step into our newly renovated museum.

Well, we didn’t stay long in there and all I got to see was this:

But it was pretty swell enough. Something interesting I’ve never seen before.

There are two video cameras mounted on the ceiling and on the opposite wall, so whoever stands in the square gets captured and broadcast on the digital wall behind.

Sometimes, the wall shows random photos depicting historical Singapore.

Our next location was the Esplanade.

Okay, maybe I’m an uncultured hayseed, after all, because I totallly don’t get abstract art.

This is such a bizarre sculpture, is it not? It’s on display at the main atrium of the Esplanade, together with several other bizarre sculptures.

Tell me it’s not bizarre! Check out the platypus beak and the propeller tail on this humanoid thing made of aluminium (or something) rings.

I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean. I forgot to read the description.

Here’s a picture of me and three crew members in front of the bizarre exhibition.

We went to Haji Lane next. I never even knew such a street existed in Singapore.

No, actually, I’ve kinda been to that area a few times (there’s a small Indian coffee shop that sells great nasi lemak on Baghdad Street) but I never realised Haji Lane is such a funky place.

But I think it’s a tourist trap because the things are expensive.

We filmed in this shop.

The outside looks really scary and intimidating. It doesn’t give an indication of what’s inside, so I’d never step in to check it out on my own.

But the inside is fun! There are all these cool things to look at.

Can you guess what this place is?

Here’s a clue:

Haha, not much of a clue, is it?

How about another:

Yup. It’s a clothing and accessories store!

Some of the stuff are really gorgeous but too pricey.

I love these shoes!

But they’re like over $200 a pair. Yech. =(

The girls were in agreement with me, so they did this see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil thing.

Or maybe they’re just nuts.

So the shoot ended and we all left empty handed.

And then we saw this.

Guard kittehs in a clothing store!

They were very tame, too. They just sat at the same exact spot and stared at us as we gawked at them and took pictures and waved to get their attention.

Super cute!

What a fulfilling and educational day this has been.

Haha, I feel like I just finished writing a primary school essay entitled “A Fun Day Out” or something asinine like that.

But it was certainly an interesting day and I feel pretty damn lucky that its part and parcel of my job.

Just don’t envy me too much because there are equally many downsides to being an actress, some of which you’ve heard but some of which you’ll never hear because I have to be PC.

For the most part, I try to keep myself focused on the perks, which makes me a happy camper!