Babysitting the bestie

I haven’t disappeared! Still here, but extremely busy spending time with my best friend Wen (I used to call her Nanny Wen but I think that nickname is old now, so I need to think of another one) and her boyfriend.

They have come to England to visit me and Piers, although not so much him, I think, heh, because Goofy Wen and Piers bicker all the time, disagreeing with each other’s accents and food choices and lots of other miscellaneous things.


Mandatory group photo at Corfe Castle, Isle of Purbeck
Sightseeing at Corfe Castle, Isle of Purbeck


So, anyway, can’t blog much until they leave because they’re here for only a week more and we have PLACES TO GO and THINGS TO DO, as if we’re very happening people!

But we’re not, really. Silly Wen fell asleep at like 9:30 pm on a Saturday night; she’s useless after a glass or two of wine. So the rest of us just watched TV and then went to bed. Tsk!

Business will resume once they’ve gone and I’ve recovered sufficiently from the trauma of babysitting The Wen.

Toodles for now!


Wow, I really needed another blog

Like I have so much to say that I’m flooding this blog with too many posts.

Like I have too much time on my hands.

Like I really need another platform to prove my existence.


But I’ve gone and jumped onto yet another social media micro blogging platform, anyway.



Sheylara's profile on Dayre

Introducing my new blog on Dayre. Yay.


It’s all Nanny Wen’s fault. She showed me the stickers on Dayre and I was sold.

She said the sticker girl looks like me.


Stickers on Dayre

Does it really look like me? Okay, a bit.


Dayre is a phone app (iOS and Android) on which you post photos, videos, quotes, text or stickers, throughout the day. The app then puts the day’s posts together into one blog entry.

You can view posts on a browser but you can only update posts from your phone (like Instagram).

It’s new and quite buggy (especially the browser version) but fun and addictive when it’s working right.

The name is quite stupid, no matter how you read it. That’s probably the worst thing about this app.

But the stickers are cute, so that makes up for it. They need more stickers, though.


Sheylara's Dayre blog

Today’s post.









you ask.






you say.


Yes, I hear you. Very valid argument. I am thoroughly ashamed of myself. I shall flagellate myself with a very fluffy pom pom on a stick.

Now hear me out.

The reason is that I’m so forgetful I’d forget my own name if I didn’t write it down. And that kind of condition is very inconvenient when you’re trying to remember random stuff on a daily basis. Important stuff.

For example: “What did we last order takeaway pizza?”

No, really. It’s very important. For instance, one day, I decided to write to Pizza Express to complain about them messing up our takeaway order (missing items and burnt dough balls). When filling in the online feedback form, I had to tell them which day, what time, and which restaurant we ordered from.

It took me 10 hours before I figured it out. And that was only because Piers came home and I asked him. And it took him only two hours to come up with an answer he couldn’t stake his life on.

Actually, we couldn’t even remember whether it was this week or last week.


The terror of forgetfulness


So, things like that happen in our household on a daily basis. We’re probably the most forgetful people in the universe, excepting Nanny Wen, who has been scientifically proven to be worse than us.

(By which I mean that I scientifically counted the number of times she forgot something, then scientifically counted the number of times Piers and I forgot something, then proceeded to forget all the counted numbers, finally producing a legitimate conclusion by guesstimation.)

So, anyway, long story short (although it ended up kinda long in retrospect), I’ve always thought about keeping a journal of daily happenings handy for times when I need to “remember” stuff.

And I’ve decided that Dayre seems like a fun way to do it.


Dayre on iPhone

What Dayre looks like on the iPhone.


I didn’t want to do it on my blog or Facebook or Twitter or Instagram because I have followers who will unceremoniously unfollow me if I start to spam their news feed with my boring daily life.

And I didn’t want to do it on a physical book with a physical pen because how boring, plus you can’t Google search physical journals for instant recall.


Dayre on iPhone

What Dayre looks like on the iPhone.


This all means that you probably don’t want to follow me on Dayre unless you’re a stalker, like Nanny Wen, who is my only stalker on the app.

In any case, while you can read someone’s blog through a regular browser, you can only “follow” them through the app, which you’ll need to install on your phone, which is too troublesome, so you probably won’t do it.

That’s fine.

But if you have to, for some incomprehensible reason, you can search for our usernames on the app (sheylara and davienne).

Happy stalking! Or not.

A day at the Cathay


How do you make an ordinary day of window shopping fun?

You bring a camera and a crazy friend!

Introducing: Nanny Wen (more commonly known as Davienne), my partner-in-crime for crazy adventures!

Nanny Wen aka Davienne

I suppose she doesn’t need an introduction; you all know her already. What she really needs is a slap because she’s always losing things, but that’s for another discussion.

Today, we shall discuss having fun! Specifically, having fun at the Cathay, a very fun place to be at!

(You know it’s reeeeally fun because I used the word three times in one breath!)

First, a stopover at Ben&Jerry’s for some energy food.


Nom nom nom…

Nanny Wen aka Davienne

I like how Ben&Jerry’s has live performances. No one was performing when we were there cos I think they only have it at night, so I asked the Ben&Jerry’s staff for permission to fool around with the stage equipment and take photos!


Since yonks ago, the Cathay has had the reputation of being a cinema pioneer. Well, it still is, of course, but it is also a shopping mall today, and one with lots of cool shops!

For example, I was immediately attracted to this awesome shop called forest n trees.

forest n trees

It has designer knick-knacks (great for gifting, I think) and a little nail salon right behind this impressive wall that makes up half the shopfront.

I didn’t take photos of the salon cos there were customers having their nails done and I think it’s not polite to take photos of people when they’re having their nails done, lol.

So, Wen and I, after gawking at the merchandise, posed for a self-timered shot. I had to prop my camera on the arm of that red sofa you see in the above picture!

forest n trees

I suppose the angle is a bit weird but you can’t have too perfect shots when you’re attempting to snap and be in your own photos at the same time.

I gave Wen a tough job after this: Photographing me in a dance studio!

It’s tough because there are mirrors all over the place and the photographer has to avoid having his/her own reflection caught. Haha.


Well, I think she did a decent job, anyway.

We had popped by at Jitterbugs for a visit. It’s such a cool, glam-looking place. Makes me wanna sign up for classes!


I’m thinking pole dancing. I really want to learn that! I know some people have bad impressions of it. But, hey, it’s a dance, an artistic expression, a form of exercise. It’s what you do with it that should matter, and not what has been done with it. Fire has killed people so are you going to say that fire is bad?

Moving on!

The Cathay

Nanny Wen fancies herself as some kind of journalistic photographer so she was, like, trying to take “behind-the-scenes” photos of me walking and stuff. Haha.

The Cathay


That’s why I enjoy hanging out with her. She does the cutest things!

I dragged her next to Black Alice, located in a more obscure area on the 4th floor of the Cathay. It’s a Lolita shop. My favourite kind of fashion!

A photo with the shop assistant, who was very friendly and accommodating.

Black Alice

She urged me to try on some of the dresses and take some photos but I had to decline because I was having a bad hair day and felt it wouldn’t do justice to the Lolita clothes.

But we tried on some head bands!

Black Alice

Black Alice

It was quite fun. I didn’t want to leave the shop!

But we had to leave eventually because I wanted to get some gaming done at E2MAX.


E2MAX was fun because Nanny Wen is a gamer like me. At E2MAX, you can enjoy PC and console gaming, as well as UFO catchers!

Gazing yearningly at giant Stitch:


Nanny Wen posing instead of playing. She’s very good at dropping whatever she’s doing to smile at the camera:


There’s also a bar that serves refreshments, and a cosy curtained corner for a bit of privacy.


I tried to do another self-timered shot with Wen, propping my camera on the TV.

At the last minute, I saw from the reflection on the TV that she had covered her face with a cushion, which made me laugh.


So I had to run off to set the timer again and, this time, I forcibly removed the cushion from her hands, the result of which is her pouty face.


Silly girl!

Anyway, that’s a lot of fun for one day!

If you find yourself having nothing to do one day, why not grab some friends and head down to the Cathay for some mad fun? (If you want to act crazy and take photos in people’s shops, please ask for permission first.)

You can plan your itinerary for the day by checking out the Cathay website, which shows you what shops there are and what promotions or events are on.

The Cathay

The shops are conveniently labelled by level or by category (Fashion & Beauty, Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, Entertainment & Leisure, Services and Others).

As you can see, quite a lot of stuff can be done there. Two events coming up soon!

The Cathay

As is trendy nowadays, the Cathay is now on Facebook! Join as a fan to receive the latest updates on promotions and events, as well as take part in mini contests.

The Cathay

We stayed there till late at night, and then Nanny Wen had to go back to the office to work. CRAZY GIRL.

The Cathay

Guess who’s that posing crazily in front of the building?

No prizes for guessing correctly. But go join The Cathay Facebook Fan Page and you might win something in the next contest! =)

Sheylara’s and Nanny Wen’s driving adventure


So, I’ve got a Garmin-Asus M20 and I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do — explore Singapore randomly to find unexpected fun things to do!

Nanny Wen was my partner-in-crime for this adventure.

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

We’re both equally blur and directionally-challenged, so I thought she’d be a good partner to help me test out the navigational functions of the Garmin-Asus M20.

Makkuro Kurosuke
I just wanted to show off my cute little makkuro kurosuke, lol.

After picking her up from her home with the M20’s help, we got it to suggest a lunch venue for us.

Garmin-Asus M20

Clicking on Food, we were shown a whole list of food places, sorted by type, and arranged in order of distance.

Nanny Wen picked this placed called Green Room Cafe cos it sounded nice. We didn’t check the location map to see where it was, so we could be surprised. We just clicked GO and voice navigation started!

A caucasian lady’s voice started directing us to our chosen destination.

Our cafe turned out to be in Bishan Park. It was a bit far but what a nice and unexpected place to have lunch!

Bishan Park


Nanny Wen

We didn’t eat at Green Room cos we realised upon arriving that it was vegetarian. Since we’re carnivores, we decided to eat at the cafe just beside Green Room.

Acacia Restaurant

Halfway through our lunch, Thomas Ong walked into the cafe surrounded by a bevy of ladies who looked like his film crew. They were sorting out his wardrobe in the cafe, lol.

I didn’t take a photo of him cos I don’t like bothering celebrities while they’re having their private time.

While we were waiting for our food, I played with the Garmin-Asus M20 while Nanny Wen took secret photos of me.

Acacia Restaurant

I thought they turned out nice, though!

Acacia Restaurant

I also took a photo using the Garmin-Asus M20 and immediately uploaded it to my Facebook.

Sheylara's Facebook

If you’re a StarHub subscriber, accessing Facebook and Twitter on the M20 is free of data charge.

Our real adventure started after lunch. Together, we looked through a list of attractions recommended by the M20.

Garmin-Asus M20

We picked Sun Yat Sen Villa because we both like history and museums. We never even knew such a place existed in Singapore!

Once again, the trusty voice navigation took us to our chosen location. By the way, the M20 also provides navigation for walking on foot if you choose to.

Sun Yat Sen Villa had, in the past, been used as headquarters for revolutionary activities. Exciting!

Sun Yat Sen Villa

We had a lot of fun in there learning history!

Sun Yat Sen Villa

Sun Yat Sen Villa

Sun Yat Sen Villa

Next on the agenda: SHOPPING!!

Because it was raining, I didn’t want to drive too far, so we picked the nearest decent shopping mall.

Garmin-Asus M20

Square 2!

Nanny Wen wanted to have a foot-pampering session, but I didn’t want to, so I sat there and busied myself with e-mails and net-surfing on the M20. It uses Windows Mobile Pro so it’s like having a mini PC with me!

I also secretly took photos of her. LOL.

Nanny Wen

But she eventually found out and yelled at me. Doh.

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

After we were tired of Square 2, we went next door to Velocity and found an ice skating performance. We found ourselves riveted. Cos one of the skaters was so cute! Haha.

Ice skaters

We stayed till the end of the performance and I got a picture with the boys!

Ice skaters

Dinner at Take 5 (by Old Chang Kee)! We had two meals with drinks for only $5.50 total because they were having a 1-for-1 promotion. So lucky!

Nasi Lemak

And that was the end of our great day full of random fun and surprises, thanks to the Garmin-Asus M20!

Garmin-Asus M20

I’ll be going on another adventure this Saturday. It’s the Live-Navigation Challenge, remember? Hurry up and sign up for it!

Also, last chance to take part in the Facebook Memorable Experiences contest for your chance to win a Garmin-Asus M20 or G60!

See you at the Live-Navigation Challenge.

The anguish of Nanny Wen

Nanny Wen uses this prepaid mobile broadband card in Malaysia to Tweet and stuff on her Blackberry.

Nanny Wen

When she needs more data time, she has to buy a Reload at selected places such as Blue Cube (telco shop) and Petronas (petrol station).

As we were driving to Desaru yesterday, she realised that she had run out of Reloads. So, when Unker Kell accidentally made a wrong turn into a petrol station and was about to drive out, Nanny Wen woke up from her nap and said, “STOP STOP I NEED TO RELOAD!”


So Unker Kell backed the car a little and she hopped out.

Half a minute later, she came back dejectedly.

“They don’t have Reload here,” she sighed, “Can we stop by a Petronas later?”

The Goonfather made a narrow eye. “This IS Petronas.”

“WHAT??” cried Nanny Wen, “It is??”


“Why they don’t have Reload??!!”

“We’re at some ulu resort town lah,” said the Goonfather, “Who cares about mobile broadband here?”

You could literally see her face contort in some kind of grief-stricken terror.


By the way, she made Totoro lose one eye.


And was quite unrepentent, too!

She managed to get her Reload later in the day by calling a Malaysian friend for help. (Cos you don’t really need a physical thing, only a pin number.)

Anyway, I don’t have much time to blog today, so I’ll talk about our trip another day.

Sheylara and Nanny Wen

Many many complaints about our resort!