My Alienware shipment arrived!

I know the hardcore tech geeks are going to have a fit when they learn what I’m naming my new Alienware M11x.

Introducing… Fluffy Prime!

Alienware M11x

(I already did an unboxing of this gadget when the Goonfather got his, so I shan’t do it again.)

Fluffy Prime is the successor of Fluffy, my pink MSI Wind.

MSI Wind

I had planned to name the Alienware Fluffy, too, because I knew I was going to miss the original Fluffy very much. But there were many objections to the name, one of which came from Kerrondor, who said, “You should name it something more alienish, like Optimus Prime. Or Fluffy Prime.”

Of course, he was joking about Fluffy Prime, but I LOVED it and so decided to adopt it, to Kerr’s horror. He was, like, “I WAS JOKING.”

Too bad. Fluffy Prime it is!

Alienware M11x

I received more than just the laptop today. I has many boxes!

Alienware stuff

I also bought a set of Alienware TactX keyboard and mouse for home use, to replace my current set before my Microsoft Reclusa really becomes an ant nest.

Alienware TactX

I feel kinda sad cos I think the Reclusa is the prettiest keyboard ever made, techy enough to suit my gaming needs and girly enough to suit my bimbo needs!

Microsoft Reclusa

But I shall love my new arrivals.

The mouse comes in a pretty Alienware box, with the log faintly embossed on it.

Alienware TactX mouse

Alien sticker on the package!

Alienware TactX mouse

It’s a gaming mouse which buttons glow when it’s on. But I don’t have time to set it up now because I need to finish this blog quickly and go out for an event. So, pictures next time!

Alienware TactX mouse

The keyboard similarly comes in a sleek black box with a faint Alienware logo embossed on it but Dell had decided to paste big ugly stickers on my box. O_o

Alienware TactX keyboard

More alien stickers on the back.

Alienware TactX keyboard

Gaming keyboard! It also glows in the dark. Show you next time, okay?

Alienware TactX keyboard

Can’t wait to use them! But now, I need to go out.


Sitex will only be crowded on Thursday

I really, really hate IT fairs because I really, really hate navigating through crowds.

Last night, I was thinking about going to Sitex 2008 because my dad needs a laptop.

I decided that I should go today because it’s the first day and it’s a work day, so there should be less of a crowd.

I asked the Goonfather, since he’s an expert at attending IT fairs, “Do you think Sitex will be crowded tomorrow since it’s a Thursday?”

“Yes,” he said. “Sitex will only be crowded on Thursday.”


“Only Thursday will be crowded,” he repeated. “The other days will be crazy.”

What a goonbag.

Anyway, I’ve gone and returned. I survived!

It wasn’t that bad.

I actually managed to finish my purchases in 30 minutes.

I bought another MSI Wind. For my dad!

I got a black one for him. I’m not evil!!

But I bought a pink portable hard disk for myself!

I have needed an external hard disk for backup since years ago, but have never felt rich enough to actually buy one.

Today I felt rich enough because IT IS A PINK HDD!! And it’s only $199 for 500GB!!

I also bought a keyboard for the Goonfather’s mum because her keyboard has gone wonky.

I feel poor again after all these purchases.

Anyway, good luck to everyone in the next few days if you’re going. May you survive unscathed!

My pretty pink precious!

Last Friday was a great day!

First, I got to play Halo Wars at an exclusive Microsoft Xbox preview session.

Playing Halo Wars

Then, the Xbox Team gave me a whole bunch of goodes: An Xbox 360 Messenger Kit, two games (Tales of Vesperia and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise) and a UNSC Halo Wars cap.



Supriya from Text 100 called out of the blue to offer me a Nokia N82 to use as a temporary camera until I get a new one.

The N82 has a 5mp camera with Xenon flash so it’s as good as my dead Lumix!

Nokia N82!

How sweet is Supriya!


I went to Comex and bought this beautiful pink MSI Wind.

Sheylara's Pink MSI Wind

Necklace from lov3accessories.

Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?!!

Sheylara's Pink MSI Wind

Sheylara's Pink MSI Wind

Haha. I look so white in this picture. It’s the powerful Xenon flash lol. Free whitening! (The first two photos are dark cos I took them in the day without flash.)

The other side of it:

Sheylara's Pink MSI Wind

All white! I had contemplated getting the white cover instead of the pink because I love white gadgets, but white was already out of stock by the time I made it to Comex. In fact, all the colours were out of stock except pink, which only had nine units left, so I grabbed it!

This pretty pretty sleeve came with it!

MSI Wind sleeve

I could just die. I’m so in love with my MSI Wind my heart is bursting with love! If you don’t mind, I shall just bask all I can before my credit card bill next month turns the love into a heart attack.

The MSI Wind specs:

LCD: 10″ WSVGA (non-glare)
CPU: Intel Atom 1.6GHz
Batt: 3 cells + 6 cells FREE
OS: Windows XP Home

Cost me $935 (list price of $899 + $36 to upgrade RAM to 2GB).

MSI also gave me this mouse freebie which is so silly looking no way I’m gonna use it. So now I don’t know what to do with it.

Stupid looking mouse

Last look at my cutie! :)

Sheylara's Pink MSI Wind