The Goonfather makes fun of someone

We were on the road when the Goonfather suddenly exclaimed, “Hey, there’s a bumble bee riding a motorbike!”

He slowed his car down a little and the “bumble bee” came into view from behind the car.

It was a man wearing a long-sleeve yellow-and-black-striped pullover with black pants, carrying a bright orange backpack, riding a motorcycle.

I didn’t take a photo of him because I didn’t think it would be nice, so here’s an illustration for you to see what I mean.

Bumble bee gear

The black strips on the sides of the backpack are backpack straps that flapped in the wind.

We chuckled for a bit, and then the Goonfather said, “All he needs to complete his outfit are antennae.”

“He has antennae sticking out his backpack,” I said.

“Those are not antennae. They’re wings.”

“Where got wings in little strips one?!”

“They’re broken wings,” explained the Goonfather, “That’s why he has to ride a motorbike.

I rolled my eyes but I laughed.

The Goonfather asked, “Do you know what happens when his bike runs out of gas?”

“He stops?”

“Nooooo! He will pee in the gas tank.”

He paused for effect, and then continued:

“Because his bike uses BP.”


All together now…