The Goonfather borrows a monitor

I’m doing my just-got-home routine: Check e-mail, answer MSNs, log in to Plurk to click “Mark all read”.

The Goonfather comes up to me and says, “Can I borrow one of your monitors for a while?”

I’m wondering what he means to do with one monitor but I say, “Sure.”

I think maybe he’s going to open a window on one screen to download something or look at something or whatever, and I can still use the other screen to continue my MSN chats because JayWalk is waiting for me to reply him.

I let the Goonfather have the mouse “for a while”.

He stands over me and he hogs the computer for 15 minutes. True enough, he’s only using one screen but he’s also freaking using my mouse.

How am I supposed to use my other screen without my mouse??


Next time just say “Can I use your computer for a while?” lah!

Wtfeck is “Can I borrow one of your monitors for a while?”??

Irritating Goonfather.