Why would you want to have children?

I was thinking about how I’ve made regrettable choices in life. How I’ve had to go through hard knocks before I learned to be sensible. How it’s always too late when you realise you should have done things differently.

I see life as a giant maze with endless pitfalls and traps, which we have to navigate in order to survive long enough to find the exit. Many times, we can’t avoid the traps because there are too many and they materialise on you so suddenly you don’t even have time to react to them.

Inevitably, you break a leg when you fail to avoid a trap. And then you have to shuffle through the maze with a broken leg. Next thing you know, you fall into a pit and break your arm. Now you have a broken leg and a broken arm but you still have to go on and find the exit.

The more you remain in the maze, the more pain you collect. Your spirit and body get old and tired but you still have to struggle on. When you finally find the exit, it’s time to say goodbye And then, that’s it. The end.

Why would anyone want to propagate such an existence?

Why would you want to have children… knowing that your children will make the same mistakes you made when you were young (or even the mistakes you’re making now), knowing that you can’t talk them out of making those mistakes because you remember yourself defiantly making those mistakes despite your parents’ warnings, lectures, pleadings?

Why would you want to have children… knowing that your children will suffer, especially if you live in an oppressive society like Singapore?

Why would you want to have children… knowing that your children will go through a lot of pain and sadness throughout life? You might argue that there is also happiness. But if the child never existed, the child won’t miss it, so the point is moot. Isn’t it more important that your child should never have to suffer pain?

Why would you want to have children… knowing that it’s possible your child could become a rapist, a murderer, a child molester, a robber, and go through life doing harm and bringing more evil to the world?

Why would you want to have children… knowing that the world is full of evil you have no control over? Would you dump your child in a river full of crocodiles?

Sure, I’ve had my fair share of happiness. Times when I feel my heart would burst from joy. But I would glady, without hesitation, instantly, give up all that to not also feel pain.

A moment of happiness is not worth two moments of pain.

And it’s true. Life has more pain than happiness. Honestly take stock of your life. In an average day, how many hours do you spend being blissfully happy? How many hours do you spend being angry, sad, annoyed, frustrated, irritated, disappointed?

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Giving birth to children is like playing God. Who are you to decide that you can inflict all these bad things upon an innocent being? A child has no choice at all whether or not to be born.

Pro-family ads make me sick because they don’t show you the ugliness. They only show you the pretty side. It makes people procreate before they’re fully ready to assume the responsiblity, before they’ve even considered the full, actual meaning of having children. It makes people procreate out of a sense of duty rather than out of meaningful desire to have children.

It makes me nauseous.

I know parenthood makes many parents happy. But is your baby happy? Will your babies still be happy after they grow up? Have you considered that maybe your child doesn’t want to be born?

I don’t want to offend parents or people who are happy with their lives and are happy to be born. What I’ve written here is totally my own philosophy and I admit there are always two sides to a coin. I am not all right.

If you disagree with me, more power to you. Just also remember to look at the other side of the coin, once in a while.

(And please don’t ask me what happened. Nothing happened. I’m still happy as a lark (or trying to find happiness). Just sharing my opinion on procreation. =D)