Twitter helped find missing dog

I was planning to write about this but Nanny Wen just wrote such a great post about it that I’ve decided to link it.

The gist of it is that her dog Scruffy went missing.


After four worrying days of searching, both physically and through social media, Scruffy was finally found. And Twitter was the primary tool that helped.

Read the full story here.

I take a personal interest in this because Scruffy used to be the Goonfather’s dog. He then became my dog by default when I got together with the Goonfather.

Scruffy and the Goonfather

A few years back, we moved to a landed home near Nanny Wen and she would come hang out with us a lot. She would bring him home and take care of him during the times we were away. Or just for fun.

That was how she got her nick, Nanny Wen, by the way.

We realised that Scruffy was a lot happier with her. What happened was that Scruffy was miserable in our new home. We had a new parental rule dictating that he had to stay outside the house, in the garden, at all times.


Being an attention-seeking dog, he needs to be around people 24/7. Every night, from our bedroom, the Goonfather and I could hear Scruffy howling mournfully and my heart would break.

So we decided to let Scruffy stay with Nanny Wen for good. Her family also loved Scruffy, so it was a great solution. And since we lived so nearby, we could see him any time we wanted.

And then we moved house again but Scruffy stayed, so he officially became Nanny Wen’s dog and they lived happily ever after!

Scruffy and Nanny Wen

I’m so glad he’s found.