The danger of multi-tasking

I have a missing blog entry!


Yesterday, I went to the Nuffnang office for a casual lunch + meeting. While waiting for everyone to be ready for lunch, I sat there and typed a blog on my iPhone.

Around the time I was about to finish up the entry, we started walking out to the restaurant.

So, usually, after I post a blog, I will read it once through to check for mistakes.

We sat down for lunch.

At this time, I was super multi-tasking. I had already published the blog and was trying to check and edit mistakes (which is quite tricky to do on the iPhone).

At the same time I was also trying to decide on my food order AND have two conversations at once (one with my manager, Raine, and the other with Boss Ming and Nanny Wen and Elise).

I finally managed to get my entry up and relatively mistake free. Or so I thought.

I didn’t think anything of it until I received a tweet from one of my readers, like, 24 hours later:


The title of my post was “This weird person”. And it’s not on my blog anymore. Neither is it in the archive. It’s gone missing!


I must have deleted it accidentally while trying to edit it while trying to order lunch while trying to have two conversations at once.

Now I’m wondering whether I should rewrite the entry. It’s just a stupid encounter I had yesterday which is not terribly interesting so I’m not really bothered that it’s gone.

But sorry if you got it on RSS and couldn’t find it.

Sometimes, I can be as blur as Nanny Wen. :D