Dinner with President Nathan at a 6-star hotel


Remember I spoke about the POSB Everyday Champions Award, about how I wanted to nominate the Goonfather for the award for attacking me during his sleep and inadvertently training me in unarmed self-defense combat (although he’d like to have you believe that it’s the other way round)?

Well, the winners have been revealed and I was invited to attend the award ceremony last Thursday to join in the celebrations of these champions for sport.

(The POSB Everyday Champions Award pays tribute to individuals, coaches and organisations that contribute consistently and selflessly, beyond the call of duty, to inspire others to play and grow through sports.)

I had at first pictured the event as being held in a small function room with a mock-up stage and rows of seats facing the stage, and maybe a buffet table serving snacks at the side.

I was told the event would be held at St. Regis Hotel but I knew of no such hotel in Singapore.

When I arrived at the hotel, I was startled by its majestic presence.

St Regis Hotel

I was even more startled to see a row of uniformed hotel staff lining up along the driveway leading to the hotel lobby, as if they were preparing to welcome a VIP.

As I entered the lobby, there was a row of hotel staff wearing formal black suits standing at attention right in front of me. I wondered what big event was happening.

A black suit approached me and asked if he could escort me to the event.

I stared at him dumbly, wondering how he knew what event I was attending. Sensing my hesitation, he confirmed with me that I was attending the POSB Everyday Champions Award Ceremony and showed me the way to the reception lobby.


At the reception, I saw more black suits and dressed-to-kill ladies milling about.

It was while picking up my media pass at the registration table that I confirmed that President S R Nathan was going to be the guest-of-honour for the event. That explained everything! I also found out that St. Regis is a six-star hotel.

How fitting that these sporting heroes should be given due recognition with a grand ceremony in a prestigious six-star hotel. It made my eyes tear to see them recognised and rewarded. I mean that, totally.

With the President of Singapore himself supporting the award and St Regis hosting the event, it illuminates just how important these champions are. Noble and selfless, our sporting heroes truly deserve the prestige of being honoured in such a grand manner.

You might be interested to know that 3,375 nominations were made over a one-month time frame, and 57 winners spanning three categories were picked to receive the award.

The ceremony was held at the John Jacob Ballroom at St. Regis Hotel. It’s a huge, magnificent ballroom. Attending were VIPs, the winners and their guests, and members of the press.

I shared a table with Ming (founder of Nuffnang), Raine (Nuffie) and Leslie (ieatishootipost).

Photos of them later!

There was a huge parade in the lobby before the event started proper, as President S R Nathan arrived and was mobbed by the press.

The other side of the mob:

I like President Nathan. He’s very personable. I had tea with him once at the Istana, together with the cast and crew of Singapore Dreaming. He made the effort to shake hands and talk to every single last person at the event (there were like 50 people, I think). How sweet!

The President’s entrance into the ballroom:

And everyone standing to receive him:

The event started off with a percussion performance, which was unexpected. That was followed by VIP speeches and then dinner.

Oh, before I talk about dinner, I want to remark on the table settings. Everyone had their own personal sauce plates.

The little spoon (about the size of my index finger) is so cute I wish I could have taken it home.

And there’s a pretty and large decoration piece in the middle of the table.

I was wondering where they’re going to put the food, and then the food came. Everyone was served individually. Question answered.

The first course was… very interesting. In fact, almost all courses were quite interesting. They were all very hard to photograph because they were like little portions scattered sparsely on huge plates.

Okay, you know what, this isn’t a food review, so I’m just going to show you a bunch of pictures to sate your curiosity and then we’ll move on.

Alright, I’ll say one thing about the food: The cod fish was sublime. It’s the first time ever I feel compelled to apply the word “creamy” to fish (with no tartar sauce in sight, mind you).

Compliments to the chef. I will have cravings for it my entire life now.

The menu:

There were only five courses but dinner was very filling, overall. I couldn’t even touch my olive and scallop fried rice at the end of it, to my horror, because it was quite delicious. Okay, yeah, I touched a bit of it.

Between courses, the award winners were called up one by one to receive their trophies and certificates from the President.

We were also shown several creative video clips starring the award winners, with the message “Let’s Play”, to promote sports to all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.

Leslie and I picked one winner each to “interview”, although I didn’t do much of an interview because a new dish had just been served at the time I got to speak to him, and I didn’t want to keep him from his dinner.

Anyway, I picked Leo Wen Yeow, a wushu coach, because I am a huge wushu fan. I love watching wushu demonstrations and I love practising it myself, just that I never got the chance to attend regular lessons (problem of got time no money, got money no time).

Raine, myself and Leo Wen Yeow

But I feel inspired to make time for it now, after attending this very sports-promoting event.

Here’s Wen Yeow’s writeup on the POSB Everyday Champions website:

To Wen Yeow, his trainees are his family members. And he certainly exemplifies this family spirit. His doors are always open, so his trainees can easily talk to him and come to him for any problems, even for family matters. On festive occasions, Wen Yeow would even organise trips to Sentosa or the zoo, just to build up their team spirit. He is also a compassionate coach, offering to buy the less well-off trainees shoes and attire. Above and beyond normal training, Wen Yeow also buys DVDs of major Wushu events including the recent Beijing Olympics and points out mistakes and the finer details so that his team will score that extra point.

He has been training since the age of five (the same age as when I started gaming!) and now owns his own wushu school. I suppose a visit is in order!

Leslie interviewed Khu Soon Hin, a hawker who plays hockey. Heheh.

Here’s a group photo of all of us!

From left: Soon Hin, Leslie, Ming, Raine, me, Wen Yeow

The event ended at around 9:45 pm, with the President being escorted out of the ballroom.

The President waved at me (or, rather, my camera) as he walked past my table.


Well, the party may have ended and the awards awarded, but the campaign is still ongoing!

Would you like to win $1000 in cash? If you would (I know I would), please visit the POSB Everyday Champions website and look through the winners’ profiles.

Be inspired and touched by the stories they have to share!

(I stole that line from the website. Sorry, I just thought it was quite apt.)

Then choose your favourite and vote for him or her. If the champion you voted for is among the top three in his or her specific category after the voting period, you will stand a chance to win $1000! Simple as that! A total of $30,000 will be given away.

The closing date is March 15, 2009.

The POSB Everyday Champions Award is organised by the Singapore Sports Council, with POSB as the title sponsor.

Do drop by to vote and let me know if you win some cash. I want a treat! =P

Nuffnang’s November Featured Blogger…

…is ME!

Haha. Ming very kindly invited me to be Nuffnang‘s featured blogger for November. And he made me write something about myself, but he didn’t say what exactly.

So I just conjured up some nonsense and sent it to him, along with a couple of old pictures never before seen on my blog. (Didn’t have time to take new pictures lah!)


Nuffnang is really great. I knew about it even before it offcially started in Singapore. I signed up very early on because I saw the promise of fun and the value it would bring to the blogging culture in Singapore.

I haven’t been disappointed so far.

There have been countless blog posts commenting on the lack of ads and all that, but I don’t think it should even be about the ads.

For me, having an ad on my blog is a bonus, just some extra income to pay for web domain and hosting. But if there aren’t any ads, I still enjoy being a Nuffnanger and am perfectly happy to carry its banner on my blog because of what Nuffnang stands for: Fun and community spirit and, uh, tons of other cool stuff.

If you meet Nuffnang founders Ming and Timothy in person, you’ll find them to be genuinely warm and friendly people who want to make a difference in a good way.

For me, that’s enough reason for me to support Nuffnang.

So, I’m truly honoured to be this month’s featured blogger.

Thanks, guys! ;)

The things I do for free tickets

Honestly, free movie tickets aren’t that big a deal. It’s like, what, less than 10 bucks a ticket. Big deal lah.

But these particular tickets are a big deal because they’re also admission tickets to what I think will be one of the coolest community events this year — Nuffnang Singapore‘s first sponsored bloggers’ gathering!

There will be food, goodie bags, a movie screening of Rush Hour 3 and prizes for “most patriotic blogger”. ALL FREE! Best of all, attendees will be celebrating National Day with some of the most prominent bloggers in Singapore. Sounds good or not?

They have sort of a campaign going on now. 200 movie tickets will be given to Nuffnangers who post a blog titled “The things I do for free tickets”.

But I did better than just write a silly blog.

I went personally to the Nuffnang office to hound the hell out of the big boss himself.

There, I found Ming gleefully holding more than $2,000 worth of movie tickets in his hands.

Because he’s such a nice guy, he gave them all to me.

Wahahahaha!! All mine!!

That means everyone must now bribe ME for the tickets!! Bwahaha.

I’m just joking, of course.

Seriously. Don’t run off and hound Ming because I don’t want to be responsible for 500 bloggers suddenly turning up at his office to demand for tickets.


If you haven’t already, hurry up and write your “The things I do for free tickets” post and e-mail Nuffnang your link. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy post and you don’t even have to mention the word Nuffnang, but you’ll stand a better chance of getting a ticket if you manage to impress or humour Ming.

Ming should be quite an easy guy to humour because he has space invaders on his office wall.

I don’t know what’s the connection but I’m sure you can figure something out.

Ming was quite stressed because I wouldn’t keep my camera after camwhoring with the tickets. I managed to get this picture of him looking very stressed. Hahaha.

I think his stressed look goes very well with his avant garde wall background.

Anyway, the event is on National Day so there’s not much time left. Post your entry to secure your tickets quick!

For more info on the event, read here.

The longest ever Ping.sg party report

If I had sat down to blog about it right after I got home that night, this entry would have been much shorter. But three days have passed since the Ping.sg 1st Anniversary party. I’ve had a chance to reflect on the event and to read other bloggers’ responses. Which gives me more to say.

So, let me start by saying that Nanny Wen and I had to take the MRT to the party because Makkuro wasn’t home. We camwhored at the MRT station. What a great way to pass the time while waiting for a train that’s taking too long to arrive.

When we arrived, we found Arzhou posing at the Geek Terminal entrance, beside this plasma TV showing the Ping.sg website showing a live streaming video of the festivities inside.

(Except the festivities inside haven’t quite started yet thanks to a favourite Singaporean hobby known as latecoming.)

Apparently, there’s something very fascinating about the plasma TV showing the Ping.sg website showing a live streaming video of the festivities inside.

That must be why Chillycraps just had to take a picture of it.

Well, my opinion is that people make better subjects in photography, so I made Nanny Wen stand beside the TV to illustrate my point.

I’ll bet this photo is more attractive than Chillycrap’s photo of the TV.

Now, my turn!

Nanny Wen (who took this following photo) must not like the TV very much. She shot me ALONE.

I don’t know if that’s good. I suppose it’s subjective.

Continuing with our experiment in photography, we thought that tables and chairs might make good subjects.

(It also appears that badly-lit, out-of-focus photos could possibly be the rage these days. You never know. Nanny Wen might just start a trend in photography.)

Anyway, photography is tiring, whether you’re the photographer or the model, so that’s all for experimenting with creative photography today.

I have to talk about the party!

Much has already been said by the bloggers who didn’t sit on this task for three days like I did (I very busy lah). So I am faced with the unique challenge of reporting on a three-day-old event that more than 30 other bloggers have already reported on.

But don’t care. Don’t people like reading the same stuff all the time, anyway?

So, first of all…

I Didn’t Win

To those of my readers who are still wondering, I didn’t win anything. I already told you lah. But I love you for voting for me. You’re the best! ;)

I don’t think my blog will ever win any awards because it’s so… random. It’s not a very focused blog. But that’s just me. I’m not a very focused person (except when it comes to my acting work), having too many interests and too many personalities (which helps in acting).

The Awards Ceremony

I think it was really cool that the organisers tried to make the whole thing quite formal, almost Hollywood style. Of course, this being a scaled-down version, the event wasn’t exactly grand. It was obvious that the event wasn’t planned to perfection. The MCs didn’t have any rehearsals, the award presenters weren’t given briefings and the pace of the ceremony was quite slow.

But we don’t expect perfection here, do we, this being a low-budget community event. Everything was done by Ping.sg members with little or no experience in such matters, under a deadline, while struggling with day jobs. They’re not even paid for it. I think what they’ve achieved is great and the event flowed quite smoothly, all things considered. I believe the committee members and helpers did the very best they could and that’s what’s important.

Whether or not you enjoyed the event, I think everyone should appreciate the organisers for their hard work. And, since it’s a community event, I think every single member has the responsibility to help make the party as fun as possible.

So, if you didn’t enjoy it, it’s your own fault! =P

Some random photos from the ceremony.

Arzhou and Estee presenting the first award – Most Entertaining Blog.

Me and Daphne presenting the Most Entertaining Post award.

DK giving one of his award acceptance speeches.

Chillycraps double-checking the result slip to ensure that DK really won fair and square and not because he bribed the presenters.

Sexy Veron receiving the ultimate Blog of the Year award.

Veron giving a speech.

The Award Winners

There were a total of 11 awards but only six winners. Which is cool. Some people do have the tendency to sweep awards — that’s the nature of the game.

Here are the winners:

– Best Blog Design
– Blog of the Year

– Most Interactive Blog
– Most Controversial Post
– Most Entertaining Post
– Post of the Year

– Best Citizen Journalism Post
– Most Insightful Post

– Most Entertaining Blog

Cobalt Paladin
– Most Insightful Blog

– Best Photo Blog

Congratulations, all! I voted for four of you. But I’m not saying who. Haha.

The Birthday Cake

What a sweet birthday cake! Arzhou and his partners from SweetHut contributed this cake. Totally yummy!

But my photo sucks, so check out the gorgeous photos of the gorgeous cake by Keropokman.

The Ping.sg People

Camwhoring time again!

Really, what else is there to do at a party after you’ve devoured all the food?

I was happy to finally meet Kevin with the nice nose.

He’s that “Mr Walking Camera Guy” I illicitly took a picture of at BlogOut 2007.

Remember… this photo?

He brought his walking camera again, but this time it was just for show. Hahaha, how funny!

Pretty Estee also wanted a picture with him.

Wow, I think they make a really attractive couple.

Uh… not starting any scandals here, ok. I don’t even really know them that well. Maybe they’re both attached, and not to each other. I don’t know! I’m just saying they look good together. In this photo.

Kevin was a hapless hijack victim this night. He was on the verge of leaving the party when I first hijacked him to take a photo with me. When he tried to leave again, Estee hijacked him.

Then, in the middle of taking photographs, he got hijacked by Ming, who wanted to talk business. But before the business was done being discussed, Nanny Wen hijacked him to take more photos. Haha.

You can see how he was still talking business when we made him stand in position to be photographed. I wonder if he felt like a zoo pony or something with people queueing up to take photos with him.

The final hijack by all guilty parties!

My next victim target was Ming from Nuffnang.

He is Nanny Wen’s boss and my source of income (from Nuffnang ads, haha).

Next up: Just the gals! Nicole, me and Estee.

I don’t know why Nanny Wen wasn’t in this shot. We had made a pact to be Siamese twins throughout the event but she kept detaching herself and disappearing. Tsk tsk.

Oh, and here’s the most important person, without whom this party would never have been. Ping.sg founder Uzyn! Whee!

During the founder speech, Uzyn happily advertised the fact that Ping.sg was born as a bedroom project. Some bloggers tried to scandalise this bit of trivia by honing in on the word “bedroom”. But Uzyn stressed that he was alone at the time of conception of his baby. And, anyway, Uzyn is too steady a sort of person to be scandalised.

Another photo.

Nanny Wen finally resurfaced to attach herself to me again.

Only to detach herself yet again to take a photo with DK.

How come DK never take photo with me??!! Idiot. Not only did he not give me a laptop, he posed for photos with Wen and not me! Hmmph.

Mmm. Maybe I forgot to ask him. Hahaha.

Estee and me, Estee and Wen. Estee is a hot girl!!

Estee and Wen have hairstyles that are symmetrical to each other! Haha!

And, finally, me and Ming Yeow, founder of The Digital Movement.

I regret not having the chance to take photos with more people, but one can’t be camwhoring the whole time. Like I said before, photography is very tiring. There are other things to be done, food to be eaten, conversations to be had, hijacks to be executed.

I love the people at Ping.sg. Everyone is so friendly and it was great meeting them all. Well, I didn’t get a chance to meet everyone, but that’s how it is. A party isn’t like speed dating, and friendships are sometimes forged by chance.

Like maybe you’re hanging out in a group and, suddenly, everyone has to go to the toilet all at once, leaving you and an almost-stranger to hold the fort. And you’re forced to talk to each other whether you like it or not. You may end up liking it. Or not. But you get to know someone a bit better by chance.

I hope to meet and get to know more Pingsters in time to come.

The Flame War

There was some unhappiness over the way the Blog of the Year winner was chosen. A harsh blog was written and feelings were hurt. Cross words were exchanged, some words got twisted, reputations got hurt and friendships were torn.

I have nothing to do with this unpleasantness, so maybe I don’t know how the involved parties feel exactly, but I want to say this: Take it as a compliment.

I feel that success can be measured by how much crap and criticism you get. If you’re a nobody and don’t mean anything at all, nobody can be bothered to criticise you. And, most of the time, people who make negative comments are the very ones who are seen in a bad light by casual bystanders, so they’re only shooting themselves. Most readers are smart enough to figure out for themselves what’s right or wrong.

Cheer up, all who are involved. I hope it all turns out to be a big misunderstanding and friendships can resume.

Post-Party Posts

So many members blogged about the party. Some of them posted three, four, five, posts about the event. For three days, Ping.sg was continuously inundated by party posts. The top 10 most popular list was totally monopolised.

It’s interesting to read all the different perspectives from different bloggers about the same event. Yes, I read all of them. To prove it, I’ve compiled and categorised all the links. (Please don’t kill me if I missed out your post, I’m only human.)

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Post-Party Commotion
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Final Words

Okay, I’m seriously exhausted after writing the longest blog entry I’ve ever written. This report is far from comprehensive, but I’m not going to say anymore because I’m tired. Haha. So I’m just going to end with a summing up:

Thank you, Ping.sg.

It was an awesome party.

Hijack at BlogOut 2007

Okay, I feel like such a bimbo.

Last night, I was at BlogOut 2007, right? I was surrounded. SURROUNDED by entrepreneurs and technopreneurs. What were these future Forbes 500 doing at a blogger’s convention??

I mean, you go to a blogger’s event expecting to meet tons of bloggers but nooooooooo what you end up getting instead is a whole bunch of entrepreneurs and technopreneurs who blog. Whoopie.

Every single last person I met either owned a dotcom, or co-owned one, or is in the process of owning one. I felt like a Nemo among whales. And by dotcom I mean one of those that can potentially make the owner the next Internet billionaire like Google’s founders. See, technically, I own a dotcom too (sheylara.com) but I am so totally not on the same bandwagon.

But I’m into positive thinking these days, so I didn’t let it get to me. Since I was an odd sock, I decided to revel in being an odd sock. And I met lots of fun people. The new age entrepreneur is not a stuffy suit anymore. He/She is very young, creative and has a good sense of humour.

The first of these I met was Nuffnang co-founder, Ming.

Ming saved me from a wasted walk in my party heels by calling out to me in the nick of time. I was feeling lost at the bottom steps of the venue because I couldn’t see a Geek Terminal signboard (yes, the venue is called Geek Terminal, a kind of high tech chill out place), leading me to think that I had perhaps walked to the wrong place.

So, I was about to move off to find this Geek Terminal when Ming popped out at the top of the steps and called out, “Sheylara!” That was almost as welcome as finding an oasis in the desert, so I put on my brightest smile, turned towards the voice and said, “Yes!”

To my horror, when I located the voice, I found that I couldn’t place the face. It was, like, hahaha cool someone just called my name but I don’t know who he is.

You must realise that I have never met Ming. Have only seen a picture of him in Cowboy Caleb’s blog.

To be fair, I think Ming has the upper hand in facial recognition in this case since my blog is so liberally plastered with my own pictures that probably even the curtains in his bedroom can recognise me if they spot me.

So, Ming was wearing a Nuffnang tie. I totally flipped out when I saw it because it was so cute and in my favourite colours.

I wonder if I can have one made in girl size and in cotton. I am so into ties these days.

I also met lots of other cool folks.

There’s Mr Walking Camera Guy.

He is cooooooool. He was carrying this backpack thing with a video camera strapped on his shoulders ALL NIGHT and he was like filming the room as he walked about.

I’m sorry I can’t remember his name, but he has a very nice nose. And very nice red eyes.

Okay red eyes is totally my fault because I forgot to turn on the red-eye reduction on my camera.

Next up is Nic, who plays Xbox for a living. How cool is that?

Nic is from Microsoft and he has an audience enthralled with his speech about the blogging culture in Microsoft.

There were several tables set up with every table discussing different topics. I kind of didn’t really join in the discussions because most of the topics weren’t up my alley. Most of them were quite businessy and technical.

So I went around getting to know people who were also not into the table discussions. Haha.

Like Piotr here, who is Polish. (His name is the Polish version of Peter and is pronounced Pee-oh-trr.)

Actually, Piotr was a member of Nic’s entralled audience but he got hijacked by Peter and Ethan (below), both of whom I had been introduced to earlier.

There was a lot of hijacking going on at the party — people were hijacking other people’s conversation partners and speech audiences, left, right, centre. I also got hijacked alot, which was cool and fun.

At the time Piotr was hijacked, I was just a few metres away, chatting with a nice Malaysian lady named Emily and a nice Australian bloke named Todd.

So then, Peter and Ethan, the two crazies, got it into their heads to hijack me into having a conversation with Piotr. And, they were like, Piotr meet Qiaoyun, Qiaoyun meet Piotr, okthxbye!


I rolled my eyes at them and HELLO????ed at them until they stayed to enjoy a verbal lashing from me.

But I did get to know Piotr, who is very cute and has a cute accent, but who is also going back to Poland soon, so I didn’t get his number for you ladies. Hur hur.

And and AND….!! Guess who I met next!!

My husband (of one day)! Yeah, that’s what he went around telling everyone.

He was in the funny Kao Magiclean commercial with me playing my husband. When I spied him last night, I knew I’d met him before but I couldn’t for the life of me remember where and when. LOL. I have such a terrible memory.

Go check out his dotcom, IConnectE. I’m giving him a little plug because I’m trying to wrangle 50% of his earnings since we were “married” and “divorced”. Haha.

Oh, and I must also say something about Yvonne, who was the second person I met at the event (the first being Ming).

Yvonne, like me, came to the event all alone (but she’s actually an employee of one of the sponsors so she had a better reason than me to come alone). Anyway, I struck up a conversation with her because she was sitting next to the only empty seat left in the place, which I gravitated towards because when you go to a party alone and don’t know anyone, it’s always better to be sitting than standing.

It was a good choice on my part because Yvonne turned out to be really nice. She’s also a blogger, which is of course not surprising since it’s a bloggers’ event.

So, the event was really, really good. There was free dinner and free flow of drinks and wine, and I learnt that Web 2.0 technopreneurs can be very fun people to hang out with (except when they start talking about too technical stuff).

When I left the event finally at 10.30 pm, the hijacking didn’t stop. The moment I walked down the steps out of the place, I got hijacked by another two crazies. They said, “Excuse me, are you a celebrity blogger?”

Which was kind of stupid because if someone were a celebrity, wouldn’t you recognise them? Duh.

I don’t know where they popped out from. I thought they were from the event and were just chilling outside, but then they started asking me funny questions like were there any celeb bloggers in there. They reminded me of the teenagers that hang around outside MediaCorp waiting for their favourite TV celebs to appear.

Anyway, this is one of them.

His name is Name Tag Stealer because while I was having a conversation with his partner, he ninja’ed my name tag right off my shoulder.

But at least he’s brave enough to be photographed by me, unlike his camera-shy partner, so I give him credit for that. But I still have no idea who they are. Haha. If any of you readers happen to know this lunatic, please give him the narrow eye on my behalf.