Converting SIM card to MicroSIM free

I got my iPhone 4 last night but I didn’t get a MicroSIM card. I won’t explain why because it’s a long, boring story. But I was going to have to visit a SingTel shop the next day to convert my SIM into a MicroSIM.

The Goonfather said, “Why pay $18 for the conversion? Just cut it yourself!”

I really thought he was joking. But he wasn’t. Apparently, many people do it. Just Google and you’ll see.

We were having dinner at The King Louis when Unker Kell started cutting up his SIM card with his steak knife, using his new MicroSIM as a template (his MicroSIM wasn’t activated yet.)

SIM card and MicroSIM card

It worked perfectly! His newly-cut SIM card fit into his iPhone 4 and he was able to make calls and surf the net.

I wasn’t ready to cut up my card yet because I didn’t want to break out my iPhone 4 outside. So I got the Goonfather to make markings on my SIM card using Unker Kell’s MicroSIM as template.

I gave him a pen to make the marks, but he decided to use his steak knife.

What’s with boys and knives?

SIM card and MicroSIM card

Once we got home, he used a pair of normal scissors and cut along the lines. One minute later, I had one perfectly functional MicroSIM card at no extra cost!

SIM card and MicroSIM card

SIM card and MicroSIM card

SIM card and MicroSIM card

It’s not a perfect fit for the MicroSIM tray, but it still works fine.

The iPhone 4 is sooooo good to use. I couldn’t imagine anything could be smoother than the iPhone 3G, but Apple has done it.

I’ve named her Cutie Prime because my iPhone 3G was Ms Cutie. The “Prime” is from “Optimus Prime”, so used because the iPhone 4 looks more high tech.

It was Kerrendor’s idea actually. When I said I was going to name my Alienware Fluffy (because my pink MSI Wind is also named Fluffy), he said, “Why not Fluffy Prime cos you need a more high tech alien-sounding name?”

He was actually joking but I really liked the idea so I used it.

iPhone 4

The Goonfather named his iPhone 3GS iGoon. He’s still deciding whether to get an iPhone 4.

Now I just need to think of a name for my iPad when it arrives!


If you don’t have a MicroSIM to use as template, you can get one here: Print out this PDF at 100%. This website also has very detailed instructions if you need.

If, after you cut up your SIM card and decide you want it back to original size, you can buy an adapter at Sim Lim Square to fit your card in to turn it back into regular size.