My photo tribute to Michael Jackson

I’m not a Michael Jackson fan but we have to talk about him in Star Blog this week.

We were also tasked to take photos of ourselves in “MJ moments” so I decided to have some fun with it.


I had planned to meet my friends at East Coast Park for skating/cycling on Saturday night, so I latched upon the brilliant idea of doing a photo shoot on my skates.

It was nuts.

You can’t imagine how unbelievably tough it is to make convincing Michael Jackson poses on too-tight skates, especially if the ground is not totally flat.


Imagine me trying to hold this pose while my body involuntarily starts to roll forward slowly because the ground is ever-so-slightly angled and my friends around me are screeching with laughter while I strain and angle my body and feet to control the rolling and, all the while, my assigned photographer is not photographing me because he’s having fun making MJ poses himself.

My toes totally died from loss of blood by the end of the shoot.

But it was, on the whole, rather fun. And I’m sure I provided some comic entertainment to many lucky passers-by that night.

Thanks to Unker Kell for being my photographer and enduring the scoldings by Minou and me for constantly being distracted and not doing your job properly.

Thanks to Minou for being my “dance” director.

Sorry you guys didn’t get to cycle much because we spent most of the night doing this shoot.

Club Morte

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