Solomon Yeow wishes me happy birthday on Facebook

After the last two disastrous messages, I thought he would have disappeared from my life for good.

I was wrong, apparently.

A quick recap for those new to my blog:

This random Facebook dude sent me a rude pick-up message one day (read it here).

I didn’t reply it.

Ten days later, he sent me an obnoxious follow-up message (read it here).

I didn’t reply that one, either.

That was almost a month ago, and I thought that was the last of it.

Then I got a “lovely” birthday message from him last night.

How sweet.

Stan was the first to know about this because he happened to MSN me around the time I got this message.

I said to Stan, “OMG Solomon Yeow sent me a birthday message in Facebook!!”

And he went, “HAHAHahahahahaaa Holy Cow!”

I observed that Solomon Yeow must have copied the message from one of those cheeky birthday greeting cards, and Stan couldn’t stop laughing after that.

I don’t care what you guys are saying. Solomon Yeow is no pick-up artist (wannabe or otherwise), he’s a ctrl-c-ctrl-v artist.

But he’s entertaining, in a way, so thanks for all the fun, Solomon.


On a similar but not the same track, my friends got me an iPod Nano for my birthday!! OMG I LOVE MY FRIENDS TO BITS!!!

I shared a birthday cake with Unker Kell because our birthdays are a week apart.

We’re both 10 years old, if you must know, you inquisitive cat.

THANK YOU Minou, Kerrendor, Wang Wang, Morte, Talin, Joey, Hevun and Unker Kell!!!

This is what you get when you diss a blogger

People should know better than to diss bloggers in an era when nothing is private anymore.

I got this crap message in Facebook yesterday from some insolent jerk who’s full of himself. So, like, since we’re in the Internet age, I get to share the message with all my readers! How lucky for you!

How not lucky for this pompous jackass.

Here you go.

[wtf msg]

WTF… roflage.

I’m full of curiousity now as to which part of my Facebook profile suggests that I’m “poor, desperate and lonely”.

Well, alright, I’ll have to admit to being poor as a churchmouse. But it looks like the desperate and lonely one is you, you weirdo. Why else would you be spending all your time checking out random women’s profiles on Facebook?

And why should I even tell someone as rude as you anything?

Do I even care whether you think I’m interesting or not?? Yawn.

My profile pciture. How in the heck does it look like anything taken in a Glamour Shot studio?

This is my current Facebook profile picture:

[my profile]

Notice the dodgy background? You go find me a studio anywhere in the world that looks like that.


This nutcase seems to have a fetish for sweaty women working out. I wonder if he also spends his days voyeuring at the gym.

Eew, the very thought.

Maybe he meant to be ironic. Maybe he thinks he’s being really witty and clever and humorous and girls just dig that kind of talk, OMG!!! If that’s it, OMGOMGOMG he needs some serious help.

I don’t think he’s very smart at all.

Here’s his profile. Feel free to help him.

[random idiot]
(Click to enlarge)

Or not.