For the memories


Exciting times! I have decided to stop being depressed.

But I was being flippant. I don’t decide depression; it website decides me. Recently, after months and months of hounding me, it decided to take a break. One day, depression just up and scarpered off on a holiday or something, I don’t know. I hope it gets lost, or kidnapped, or dies of old age, or something, and never comes back.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, which is not new. I’ve been thinking too much since I was old enough to, and it’s not a good thing because I can’t ever decide on anything when I can make equally convincing arguments for all sides. This explains why I’ve had so many failed restarts in blogging in the last few years — I keep changing my mind. Also explains why I’m thirty-two kinds of strange.

But never mind all that. What’s significant is that the latest think dictated I must blog again because I’m losing memories. The last few years of my life amount to a series of blank pages because I’d failed to document all the highlights, like I’d done between 2003 and 2013-ish. As a matter of fact, my life before blogging is a lot of blank pages, as well.

That makes me sad. I need to save more memories. We all do!

So, I am now determined to start documenting again, pretending my life is really cool and everything, in millennial fashion, when, in reality, all I do is stay home and obsess over my sad obsessions. But 100-year-old me won’t remember that when I look back on my blogs with nostalgic fondness. All I’ll see and remember is that I was pretty cool. And that’s pretty cool.

In other news, I have a new obsession. It’s desk-bound and rather time-consuming so, I actually don’t know I will have any time left to get up to cool stuff, much less blog about them. But I can blog about my obsession, can’t I? Ooh. Aren’t you so very excited to read all about it?

She said self-deprecatingly.

My mum lives on in my guitar… and other strange tales

Before my mother passed away, she was learning how to play the guitar.

We had a couple of old, beat-up guitars at home. I don’t remember where they came from. But I remember my mother shopping for this new guitar, one day, when I was maybe 10 years old.

I played around with the old guitars, occasionally. Not real music, just fooling around. But I never played with the new guitar until after my mother passed away. She left when I was 11.

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Photos from my past

While going through my old photos for my latest Star Blog entry, I turned up quite many possible photos but some didn’t make the list because I could only choose 10 memories.

I’ll share some of them here!

The Indian Years


One year, my friends and I were quite into Indian culture and would visit Little India to buy Bollywood movies, eat, and shop for Indian traditional costumes.

One of those friends was also my colleague, and we decided to wear our Indian costumes to our company dinner and dance that year. The dress I’m wearing in the picture is a lahenga. I really liked those because they look like princess dresses!


We were both nominated for the Best Dressed Award that night but my friend was too shy and refused to go up on stage, so I went, and won the award! =) It was one of those win by applause thing. Lucky my department was rowdy enough to garner enough noise for me, haha.

The Grunge Years

This was during more tomboyish, grungy times. I was very into heavy metal and boots. Hmm, I still am now, lol, but not as much.

San Francisco

I was attached in Silicon Valley for a month for work, but also managed to be touristy. The photo above was taken in a disco.

We were driving around somewhere one night and decided to swing by a disco for fun. I can’t remember who brought us there but we found this disco which turned out to be a rip-off.

There were people sitting outside collecting entrance fees (US$5). When we went inside, we were taken through several rooms that were under construction and then finally ended up in a main dance hall. It was EMPTY. There were no customers. There was only a DJ spinning some stupid music and the staff.

We stayed for 10 minutes and then left. lol.

Some random sightseeing photo.

People playing chess in the street.


Nara Park

I was in Osaka, Japan, to cover the opening of Universal Studios, but I can’t find those photos now. =( The only photos I can find are those taken at Nara Park, a tourist attraction featuring hundreds of free-roaming deer.

They’re so cute (but smelly) and were allowed to roam even into the carpark! The deer in the picture just happened to be posing beside the carpark sign. Heheh.


This is the famous “sinking library” sculpture outside the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne. Okay, it’s a really badly-taken photo. But it’s still a cool spot!

Younger Days

My younger days, wearing too much lipstick.

Even Younger Days

My even younger days, when lipstick wasn’t needed.

Aww, how I miss my entire life! =)

I was hospitalised for a rare bone tumour

This week in Star Blog, I am asked to recount 10 pieces of memory to remember my life by.

It’s a hard list to make. Can you imagine being allowed to remember only 10 things for your entire life? I want to have a hundred memories. A thousand. A billion.

I suppose that is not quite possible. I’m a very forgetful person.

One thing I will never forget, though, is the time I was hospitalised for a bone tumour. It’s one of my most cherished memories.

Read about it here.