The senseless melancholy post

Actually, I really love this new layout.

I must thank the creator of this blog skin for his great work. It soothes me and makes me dream of all things pure and beautiful. It turns me into a narcissist, visiting my own blog 20 times a day.

The downside is that it also makes me quite melancholic. But that’s probably due to the rainy background on the header, which was my own doing.

But it could also be said that this creation was a result of my already melancholic mood. My moods feed on each other.

My favourite colours have always been white and blue and I feel happy when I see white and blue things.

This melancholy and happiness confuse me. I am both at once.

I feel happy for the things I have now, for the small blessings I’m given on a daily basis.

But I feel trapped.

I have fallen into an abandoned manhole and the world passes by above me. I look up and I see the sun replaced by the moon, replaced by the sun, replaced by the moon, in the endless, unrelenting cycle of time.

I can’t climb out without help. But nobody sees me.

I can’t cry out because my voice was lost in the fall.

I try everything I can. Nothing. I wait and I watch.

I watch people go past above me, each caught up in his own world of joys, sorrows, challenges, triumphs.

I feel lucky to be sheltered from the trials of life.

Over time, I make my own life in the manhole. I get comfortable. I grow lazy.

The world outside becomes a foreign, scary place.

People say that being alive is the greatest blessing.

I say it depends on where you are.

And who you are.