Watch my very short TV interview

Okay, I’ve posted my interview on YouTube. (Read about the trauma I went through for this.)

It’s not as bad as I expected, thanks to clever editing by MediaCorp, but I could have done better, really.

I only appear for 30 seconds, answering two questions. I said more at the recording, but maybe those were so bad they couldn’t include them. :P I seriously can’t remember. When I’m undergoing traumatic events, my brain kind of goes into a daze and stops functioning. Haha.

Anyway, the video here:

How amazing is it that, out of the three minutes of clip, YouTube has chosen to freeze this very particular retarded expression of mine to be the video thumbnail!

(Yeah I know it usually takes the mid-point of the video. Just my luck! T_T Or maybe I look retarded all throughout anyway cos I was struggling so much with my words.)

Oh, and you can hear that my voice is a little hoarse, right? I was still recovering from laryngitis on that day!

Anyway, after watching that, please go pledge your support for POCC! It’s a good cause! Don’t let my bad Mandarin fool you! :)