Now showing

My gamer friend Chak tells me that I’m on TV.

I think I ought to watch more TV because I never know when I’m on. It’s always:

“Hey, I saw you on TV just now!”

“You did?”

And I’m, like, racking my brains trying to think what it could be.

Anyway, the current one is the Channel 8 drama, Measure of Man, showing at 9pm on weeknights. It’s the one where I play a vice president of a bank, a role I had much difficulty with because, on my first day at the studio, I had to keep going back to the makeup unit to redo my hair and the wardrobe unit to change my clothes.

Each trip was about a 10-minute walk to and fro and I had to do it about four times before the director was satisfied that I looked old enough for the part. Actually, I think it still wasn’t all that satisfactory in the end, but the day was slipping by and we had to shoot.

I appear in 16 episodes (out of 20) but in most of them, I only have about five minutes (or less). So don’t bother trying to catch me in it unless you actually want to watch the show. It’s a pretty good show.

I have four scenes tonight, so tonight’s the night if you want to catch more than a fleeting glimpse of me.

Oh, and Happy National Day. =)