Behind the scenes of Microsoft media event

I was a photo opp today.

What’s a photo opp?

Short for photo opportunity, it means I was a decoration piece for photographs. You know, like how, when you go to the zoo, you get to take pictures with a pony or a snake or Ah Meng, and then bring the photo home as a souvenir?

Microsoft hosted a media party today to introduce some new products, not the least of which is Halo 3.

When I arrived at Fashion Bar, where the event was held, the product models were rehearsing their parts in showcasing cool stuff like keyboards and mice.

Master Chief was at the back, being helped into his armour.

Since no one was free to take photos for me, I took it myself.

I must say my photography (camwhoring) skills are improving quite drastically.

Today’s job was easier compared to the other Halo 3 launch events I’ve blogged about.

Well, it certainly doesn’t take very much to be a photo opp. Even a pony or a snake or Ah Meng can do it, right?

First, we paraded and preened to impress the press.

Then, we marched on to the photo corner, where they’d set up an instant shoot-and-print service.

Interested parties came forward to pose for pictures with the three of us exhibits, and then the photos were immediately printed out and stuck on Halo 3 photo frames for guests to bring home.

Pretty cool, eh?

We were there for two sessions. First session was for press, second was for retailers.

In between sessions, we took photos for ourselves. Aren’t the models’ costumes cute? Of course, the models themselves are very cute, too, which is why I arranged for this group picture to be taken.

Events like these are really quite fun. Of course, I would much prefer it if there were actual acting involved. Well, I did try to act like a badass UNSC Marine while parading around, so I guess that’s better than nothing.

After all these events, I’m getting quite hyped up about Halo 3 myself. I hope Microsoft gives us a copy of the game when it launches because I want to play it! ;)