Sheylara and her Samsung Jet


Once upon a time, a girl received a mysterious package in the mail.

Mysterious Package

She opened the package and saw a glossy black thing of beauty glowing at her.

Samsung Jet

It was a phone!

And because the girl always kept up to date on trends, she knew instantly that it was a Samsung Jet!

How more wonderful could life get?


Like many other girls, this girl loved brand new shiny things, so she picked it up with delight and turned it on.

Samsung Jet

The pretty, bright colours of the 3.1″ revolutionary AMOLED screen took her breath away and she was instantly in love.


Fascinated by the rich colours and sharp resolution, she sat there and scrolled through the three default widget screens endlessly to admire the wallpapers, using her thumb on the touchscreen.

She loved that there were three widget screens to hold tons of cool widgets. Widgets are a girl’s best friend! (Well, almost.)

Samsung Jet

She could drag and drop selected widgets onto any of the screens and arrange them to her liking for fast access to her favourite applications!

Samsung Jet

Facebook! YouTube! Google! Photo album! Birthday reminders! Etc and etc and etc!!

It was so insanely fun and convenient that the girl spent, like, half an hour dragging and dropping widgets, all the while still admiring the vibrant display colour of the Samsung Jet.

Samsung Jet

Once she was done, she discovered the menu screens, which held icons for more serious smartphone users.

Samsung Jet

Although the screen background was black and serious here, unlike the widget screen, the icons jumped out with their pretty colours, and she thought maybe this would be nice for the times when she needed to get serious and work on stuff that needed to be, well, worked on.


She could, for instance, access the Internet from here, edit videos, organise tasks, calculate or convert stuff, listen to the radio, play games…


Oops! Well, even serious can be fun!

And, of course, she could make phone calls. Duh. It was a phone, after all, even if it was a “Smarter than Smartphone” phone.

She loved playing with the Samsung Jet and discovering its cool features. And it was so easy to figure out that she didn’t even need to look at a manual.


Also, with an 800MHz application processor, which, in layman’s terms, means very very fast, working on the phone was a breeze. Applications opened fast and worked smoothly. There was no lag, which was very important for a busy girl!

Then, she discovered the buttons on the side of the phone.

Like, there were the volume buttons on the left, and a lock button and a camera button on the right.

And then, there was the cube button!

Samsung Jet

Pressing this button produced a cute little cube on the screen and it was fun because she could roll the cube around on the screen with either her thumb or her fingernails.

The cube was a media gateway, which was just perfect for a media-loving girl!

Samsung Jet

Each face of the cube gave her access to a different media application: Photos, music, videos, radio, games and the Internet!

The girl was so spoilt for choice!

Happily, she ran to show off the phone to her boyfriend, who she was sure would be very impressed.

She said, “Ta dah!!”


And he said, “WOW!! A SAMSUNG JET!!!”

She said, “Yah! It’s mine!!”

And he said, “Lemme see, lemme see!”

So the girl handed the phone over and the boyfriend said, “Waaaaaaaaaah! I like! It’s mine now!”

The girl said, “How can like that?!”

And the boy said, “I trade you my Samsung Omnia!”

Samsung Omnia

And before the girl could say or do anything else, the naughty boy kissed the girl on the cheeks, said, “Love ya!” and ran off to work with her Samsung Jet!

Boyfriends could be so annoying!


Well, since her phone got hijacked and the girl can’t talk about it anymore, she says you can find out tons more cool stuff about it at the Samsung Jet website.

Or, better yet, try out the phone yourself at the Samsung flagship store at VivoCity!