Twitter is stupid and we’re all narcissists

Okay, so I just signed up for a Twitter account. What that did was further my belief that we are now smack in the middle of the Me Age.

Two hundred years later, history students will read in their textbooks: “The year 2000 marked the start of the Me Age with the proliferation of Internet activity. The possibilities for self-publishing created a social phenomenon that took the world by storm as increasing individuals bought a piece of Internet real estate to advertise one predominant product — themselves.”

I mean, this is totally what is happening and I do not exempt myself from this mounting horror.

In 1996, I made my very first website for my IRC community. I had photos and funny blurbs of all my channel regulars. I wrote a witty article extolling the virtues of IRC. The website’s purpose was to show off my web designing skills (which was then a big deal), my writing skills and my sense of humour.

In 1997, I made my first personal website. Its purpose was to glorify myself and shout to the whole world that an individual such as I existed.

And, you know, that tradition of narcissism continues till today. But I think it’s all good because, really, it’s not only about me.

People who have their own websites and blogs aren’t only saying “look at ME”. They’re also expressing their individuality, creativity and talents through the design of their site, through their written words, through the photographs that they themselves have taken. Creativity must be shared with the world.

But twitter is another matter altogether.

What the hell is twitter?

When I first started seeing it on all my friends’ blogs, my reaction was something like, “Har? Can eat or not one?”

I didn’t get an account because it seemed stupid to me. Like, does anyone care what you were doing at exactly 4.26 pm last Friday? Honestly, no.

And if you must tell the whole world that you are, right this very moment, enjoying your char kuay teow, why must you put an extra box in your blog to say that? Why can’t you just post a one-line blog entry instead?

So, I finally signed up today to see for myself what all the fuss is.

I have posted my first update, clicked all over the site and read a few strangers’ rants.

And I still don’t really get it.

Twitter is totally the spokesperson for the “Me Culture”. In the little pink and blue boxes that are fast invading more and more corners of the Internet, we see nothing more than shouts for attention.

“Look at me! I just did my laundry and wiped the kitchen counter clean!! Can you beat that???”

What the hell? What the hell?

Where is the creativity? The entertainment value? The thing that will make people go, “Ahhh… that was worth my two seconds reading it.”?

And you thought the narcissism of personal web pages and cam whoring couldn’t get any worse.

To all my friends who have twitter, don’t fret. Even though I think twitter is stupid, I still love you and I will read your twitters because you’re my friend.

But allow me to ask you this:

Do you think I should just STFU and get with twitter already?

Thank you for reading.