Bed accidents do happen

Today is the fourth day I wake up in England and I’m happy to announce that jetlag is still in my blood. I’ve woken up automatically at 7:30 am for four days in a row. And I start feeling sleepy by 10 pm.

Previously, in Singapore, I’d been going to bed at 6 am and waking up after 2 pm.

I don’t know if it will last; my night-owlism might catch up with me yet, but more and more of my friends are convinced that I’m meant to live on this side of the world.


English house
Piers’ parents’ beautiful house


Perhaps it is easier to wake up early here, knowing that my day will be relaxing or fun, and not plagued by the 101 worries that I get back home.

I don’t understand why it should be different, though.

It’s not like I’m a different person here. I’m still the same person with the same concerns. I’m still working as usual (blogging) so I can’t technically say that I’m on vacation. It would be more accurate to say that I’ve moved home and shifted my workplace for three weeks.

I haven’t left the apartment in more than two days since Piers left, leaving me without a tour guide. So I’ve been holed up indoors (by choice), passing my time eating, reading, blogging and chatting with friends online. Exactly what I’d been doing in Singapore.

But it’s a lot more fun doing that here.

Maybe it’s because there are birds sweetly chirping outside the window.


Birds on a tree


Sorry about the foggy spots. They’re raindrops on the window.

I’m sure we get chirpy singing birds in Singapore, too, but I don’t have any memory of that. I can only recall squawking crows and mynas that shit on your car.

But as much as staying home is appealing, I think I should go out soon before I meet with a major accident.

I might be the only person in the world you know who can get into an accident just lying in bed.

I usually sleep with all my gadgets. They sleep on the right side of the bed.


My bedmates


This morning, when I woke up, I pulled the Macbook onto me (while still lying down) to check my e-mail and stuff.

I propped it up on a cushion to elevate the screen so I could see it. It’s a bit awkward typing in this position but I can still type pretty quickly this way.


Chatting in bed


So, then, I was chatting on MSN and, for a brief moment, I took my hands off the keyboard to shift my body a bit.

My movement caused the Macbook to slide down the slippery cushion and bop me on the chin.

It was a bit painful but I was fine. I only required four stitches and my psychiatrist said I should be over the trauma in three years.



(That was a joke. I’m really fine.)

But it could have been worse. The Macbook could have flown off the cushion and taken my jaw out.

This is just like the iPhone incident I had two years ago. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long. I can still remember the incident so clearly.

On the bright side, it’s a good sign that my bedroom accident count is only once every two years. I don’t think my ego can take any more than that.

Maybe I should stop allowing my gadgets to sleep with me.

The missing photo and the lonely iPad

Today, I will show you a picture of me pretending to use a Macbook.

Sheylara pretending to use a Macbook

I took this picture for Star Blog, actually. We were asked to photograph ourselves with our favourite gadgets.

But this photo didn’t appear in my entry. I think there’s something strange in the neighbourhood. See, the SOP is for us to write our entries on MS Word, then e-mail them to our editor, after which the team will publish them for us. (Our entries are unedited and published verbatim.)

I sometimes like to end my posts with a photo. For a while now, I’ve noticed that my last photos never make it to publication, although I never bothered to tell anyone because it’s, like, not really a big deal. It’s just one photo.

This week, I decided to end my blog with one sentence after the last photo just to experiment. And STILL the last photo didn’t appear, although my last sentence did. But you can see a space where the photo is supposed to be.

Click here to see what I mean.

See the space at the end?

That tells me that they’re not deliberately axing my last photos. It must be some kind of programming or data entry bug or something.

Any guesses?

Sheylara and her iPhone

On a side note, there was this incident once when I talked on two phones at once, looking rather idiotic as I did so. I was going to blog about it but then this week’s Star Blog topic was quite relevant, so I told my story there, instead.

I’m becoming quite the Apple fan. To think I used to get annoyed when Apple fanboys acted all crazy over Apple products. I can totally understand why now. It’s something you can appreciate only after being a user yourself.

So, I have ordered my iPhone 4 and iPad. The worldwide shortage irritates me much. Does Apple do this on purpose to increase the hype and fanaticism? I was going to wait till the stampede dies down and there are actually stocks in the stores before I buy them. But it seems my impulse got the better of me this week.

I am expecting to receive my iPhone 4 and iPad in the third week of August, when I will be away in China. BRILLIANT, YES? I didn’t in fact realise it until the Goonfather pointed it out to me.

“I’m getting my iPad on August 20!!”

“Aren’t you going to be in China then?”


We’re planning yet another China trip from August 17 till August 23. So, the 20th is smack in the middle of our trip.



It’s times like this when I feel like tearing my hair out and burying myself in the ground. Although that would technically be quite painful so I only do it in my imagination where it’s safer.

Okay, I’m done rambling about virtually nothing. I must bugger off and do some real work now.

I’ll leave you with this link again to my Star Blog entry. It’s also Star Blog chat day today (technically tonight) so see you there at 9 pm!

A winner is you!!

I think all my friends are going to kill me now because they didn’t win the slinky Samsung netbook thanks to me.

I was invited to the Singapore Sports Council office today to do the drawing for the lucky voter prize for the Star Sports Blogger contest.


I think it’s very nice of them to let me do this!

Of course, now I have to face the wrath of people who didn’t win.

Preparing for the drawing with Daniel, who’s the person in charge of the Star Sports Blogger campaign:

Star Sports Blogger voter drawing

Posing for the drawing:

Star Sports Blogger voter drawing

In the container are all the names of people who voted for me! =)

Virtual kisses for every one of you!

I was quite content to leave my hand in there forever because I didn’t want to draw a winner. Cos, like, one person will be happy but so many others will be disappointed!

I actually jumbled the names around for a long time before finally fishing a piece out. It was quite exciting, though.

Star Sports Blogger voter drawing

Congratulations to Germaine Hoe!!! I don’t know who you are but you rock! THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR ME!!! You will be contacted by Singapore Sports Council for your prize!

Star Sports Blogger voter drawing

The rest of you please don’t kill me. I am very grateful for your vote and you did a good deed so you earn karma points, therefore don’t waste your karma on something so useless as murder!

I also collected my Favourite Blogger prize today: A slinky MacBook! Always wanted to have one but could never justify the cost of getting one. So, yay!


I think the Goonfather is going to steal it. He’s always stealing the gadgets and peripherals that I win or receive from sponsors.

He says he needs the MacBook for when he goes on a course to learn how to make iPhone games.


I’m going to tax 50% of all his profits when he starts selling games!!

Here’s what a MacBook looks like when you try taking a photo of it using a lousy camera in a dim room and then try to compensate with Photoshop:


An unrecognisable patch of dazzling white!


Now I can go sit in cafes with my MacBook and pretend to be some arty farty designer or some other. Hur hur!

Anyway, thank you again to Singapore Sports Council for the contest, thank you voters, and thank you to the Goonfather in advance for 50% of your profits!