You gotta want the KFC Egg Tart!


I procrastinated writing this post for a week because it’s such a torment looking at my photos and remembering the succulent, delicate taste of the KFC Egg Tart.

Talk about job hazard.

Every time I open up my photos folder to start blogging, I get a major craving. A sweet savoury fragrance teases my senses. My tongue luxuriates on the creamy texture and my taste buds tingle with the delectable freshness of the egg custard.

KFC Egg Tart

Seriously! Such a craving it is that my mind starts imagining that the egg tart is there and I’m eating it when it’s not really happening.


Oh, yeah. I’ll bet some of you don’t know yet that KFC now serves Portuguese egg tarts (using the authentic recipe that was developed by the famous Margaret Wong in Macau).

Well, now you know!



It’s really good quality egg tart!

The crust is crispy and fluffy. The custard is so smooth and creamy. And the top layer, where the dark spots of caramelised sugar form interesting patterns so that no two egg tarts ever look the same, is so lickable and almost crunchy!

KFC Egg Tart

There is just the right amount of sweetness in the custard to complement the buttery flakiness of the crust, filling your mouth with an exquisite burst of flavour!

KFC Egg Tart

See how I torment myself!!

Every bite is pure delight!

Now you know why I had to procrastinate this post for so long!

Well, it’s about time I paid a visit to KFC again. It’s one of my favourite places to eat at, actually. (I order delivery quite a lot too. There was one time I ordered twice in a week, OMG.) I love the fried chicken to bits!

I think I will be able to indulge in this awesome new discovery quite often. Heheh.


I so love the golden yellow look of them!

The egg tarts are baked fresh on the spot at KFC restaurants, so you can be sure of getting steaming hot tarts fresh from the oven.

They taste good even after they’ve sat around for a bit and cooled, but they taste even better hot. You gotta try them hot! It’s totally heavenly!

KFC Egg Tart

The egg tarts cost $1.30 each or $7.50 a box of six.

Getting the box is a really great idea. Because one is never enough!

Haha. Seriously, the box is designed just in time for Chinese New Year, with red and gold themes.

Perfect for gifting, I think.

KFC Egg Tart

If you were going to visit me during CNY, I’d rather you bring me a box of egg tarts than oranges. Haha.

But, erm, if you’re going to visit in-laws or your girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s parents, don’t skip the oranges. Bring them AND a box of these egg tarts to score major points! Hehe.

The sides of the box open up into a cute heart shape! How cool is that!

KFC Egg Tart


Whoever came up with this box design is quite a genius!

Inside the box:

KFC Egg Tart

Major droolage!

Nah! Valentine’s New Year present for you!



I have been thinking of getting a box and sharing them with my friends. But now I’m craving it so much I think I’ll probably finish the whole box before they get to my friends!

KFC Egg Tart

OMG aaaaaaaaaahh it’s killing me, looking at me so tantalisingly!

Help me!!

Maybe I should get two boxes, instead?