Why I haven’t camwhored in ages

Every so often, I get mighty sick of the way I look. It’s the same stupid hair, same stupid face, same stupid smile.


Even when I try to make faces so that it’s not the same stupid smile, it’s the same stupid face.

If I snap 100 photos of myself, I’ll delete 99 because they all bore me.

I think it’s mostly the damned hair.

I cut it barely two months ago and now it’s horribly overgrown again with that stupid boring heavy rebonded look!!


I think rebonding is going out of fashion. Which is a tragedy because I’m stuck with “rebonded” hair for life and people are going to think that I’m outdated!! Argh.

I feel like going for one of those hair show competitions as a hair model and see where fate takes my hair.

I remember my cousin, Monster, said to me before, “Whatever you do, don’t get a pixie hair cut!”

But that’s exactly what I’m very tempted to do now.

Once upon a time, I had this funky hairdo.


Well, it was only for a day. It was set and teased for hours at a hair salon for a photo shoot.

A couple of hours later, it went back to this shape:


Maybe a pixie cut would be better cos there’ll be less hair to weigh itself down, so styling might last longer.

Sigh! Decisions!

I will make one eventually, though. So… prepare to see a drastic change in me in the next couple of months. Heh.