Like stupid lovestruck teenagers

I have been home in Singapore for about 12 days now.

And Piers just had a phone conversation with his mum, in which she had asked whether he had heard from me at all after I left, to which he had simply said, “Yes.”


Piers on the phone


Understatement of the year!

He had neglected to tell her that we’re in contact, like, 12 hours a day, every day.


We Gtalk for 10 minutes when he wakes up in the morning (7 am his time, 2 pm my time). An hour later, we’re on MSN, chatting periodically while he’s at work. That lasts for nine hours.

We get on Gtalk video once he’s home (5:30 pm his time, 12:30 am my time) and we video chat for three or four hours before I go to bed.

A few times a day, he calls me on the phone and we talk for 10 minutes or so.

Well, okay, it’s not like that every single day. Sometimes I’m out for appointments and we can only text each other occasionally. And sometimes he’s busy at work and I’m also busy blogging or something.

It’s really hard missing someone.

So, I’ve planned my next trip to England already. Next month! =D


Flight itinerary


Mosaiced the details in case got stalker. But I guess it’s easy to find out, anyway, lol.

Piers insisted on paying for my ticket, so he booked the flight for me after we finished discussing dates.

It’s surprisingly cheap for British Airways. Direct flight for $1556! (Thanks to Elyxia for the tip!) That’s almost the same price I paid for Qatar Airways with a stupid stopover at Doha Airport, which is not too bad to wait at, but a huge pain transferring from airport lounge to plane cos it’s so damn far away.

Anyway, Piers was booking my flight in his office and we were chatting through MSN, both of us very excited about having a firm date to look forward to now.


MSN conversation


Like stupid lovestruck teenagers.

And then, after he was done booking it, he sent me the eticket number in MSN.

The next thing, he was, like, “WHAT IS THIS?!?!?”

A big parcel I had sent him from Singapore had arrived at his office the very moment he completed the eticket transaction!

Oh, I forgot to take photos of his presents, but I had sent him an Angry Birds stuffed toy and an iPad 2 case.

He Plurked it, though, so there’s one lousy photo.




Piers’ Plurk photo:


Angry Bird


I couldn’t find any third-party iPad 2 cases in England. So stupid right? Singapore doesn’t even have the iPad 2 yet but our stores are overrun with cases for them already.

I hate the iPad 2 Smart Cover. It’s so ugly and stupid and doesn’t protect the back and makes you drop your iPad on the floor cos the cover is attached by magnet. Regret buying it.

I got Piers an Angry Birds stuffie because he’s a big fan of the game and also because he had complained about having nothing to hug after I was gone home.

I have Nemo.

I had made Piers buy him for me in Disney Baby Paris so I would have something to remind me of him. =P




Angry Bird will come in handy when I’m in England and need something to throw at him when he’s being naughty.

(I think he might throw it at me first for posting our embarrassing MSN conversation here. I’m so evil. =P)

Am planning to be in England for a total of six months this year and that means two more separate trips after this May-June one!

Piers can only come to Singapore once, and maybe for only about three weeks, because he’s got more binding work commitments.

Can’t wait!


Long distance relationships — easier but still tough

Wow, Piers and I are quite overwhelmed by the number of well wishes that have come to us through my blog comments as well as through Twitter, Facebook and Plurk!

Wanna thank everyone for your support and well wishes! We didn’t imagine that people would be so very encouraging, so we really appreciate it very much!


Piers says thanks!


Sheylara says thanks!


Piers is really happy. He says I’ve got such nice readers (heheh) and he feels touched by the unexpected reaction.

Well, me too! I think I have nice readers too! =D

Some of you are nuts, though.

We’ve only just started dating and already people talking about marriage and babies.

For example.



[Click to view thread]



Anyway, long distance relationships are easier to handle these days. I was in one long ago when there was only e-mail and IRC.

Now, we have webcam and mobile Gtalk/MSN, so we can stay connected and see each other practically all the time. Except during each other’s sleeping hours since we’re seven hours apart. (Not so bad.)

And we’ll have Facetime once Piers gets his iPad 2! =D

After I got mine, he decided he wanted one (cos I tempted him by showing him Real Racing 2, lol) so we went back to the store but there was never any stocks left.

We kept going back there and calling them up for a whole week until he finally gave up and just ordered online. He’ll only get it in May, so we have quite a wait.

Time drags when you’re in an LDR.


Sheylara and Piers


Even with instant communication and virtual meetings, it’s still tough.

I keep wondering what it is about people that makes them need actual physical proximity.

Even with friends, you want to go out and meet them physically. Even if, when you meet, all you do is sit in a cafe and chat.

But it’s just chat! You can do that online at home, like you sometimes have group MSN conferences with friends during slow days at work. Or you chat on voice comms when you’re playing an online game together.

And yet people still yearn to meet up in person after all that interaction online.

So what more lovers?

Wonder what kind of chemical or wiring in us induces that kind of crazy need.


Piers and Sheylara


I met up with Piers for lunch once on a work day. It was nice being able to see him in the day and not have to wait till he knocked off from work.

Took the bus to his office (about 20 minutes’ ride) and had a leisurely meal at a nearby cafe.

I met his colleagues briefly and I think they teased him about us afterwards. Haha. I think they read my blog. (Hi Steve, David, Charles and James!)

Piers has gotten a lot more teasings than I have about our relationship. Like from his colleagues, friends and family. Maybe because he appears on my blog so much.

Quite a hazard being my boyfriend.

Lucky he’s nice enough to put up with it! =D

We’re planning to see each other again next month. Really can’t wait any longer! Not sure who’s going to whom cos my schedule isn’t firm yet.

But, yeah, LDRs are tough.




I think he will really kill me for that picture! =P