Fashion Diary #20: Little Black Dress

I haven’t updated my Fashion Diary for ages because it’s quite inconvenient for me to take my own full body shots these days.

Plus I haven’t had time to shop for clothes lately.

Plus it’s really weird when I go out and people come and tell me they know the name of my outfit.

But Justyn recently dragged me again to his studio to take some photos.

I haven’t got anything radical or creative this time because you’ve all already seen all my clothes from the miscellaneous event photos I’ve been posting in the past months.

And, this time, my picky photographer put a ban on “cute”.

He said, “Bring something elegant or else.”

So, here’s a very boring black number, no frills, for all you anti-cute freaks.

Photos by Justyn Olby.

Yah lah, I know you’ve seen this dress before. Told you I don’t have time to go shopping. Plus I don’t print money.

And just so you know, I feel very uncomfortable trying to look elegant.

And this dress is actually a little bit on the cute side, but well, at least it’s a dress!!