The Goonfather vs Morte

My friends are killing me with their nonsense.

Since we just started our cycling/inline skating craze recently, a few people are still deciding whether to be cyclists or skaters. Minds keep changing, especially as our group gets bigger as more friends join in.

Current standing:


Right now, there’s this stupid competition going on between both factions to gain the most members, with some members resorting to tempting opposing members to switch camps.

Two nights ago, Morte linked us a whole bunch of inline skating videos. He even had specific videos for each of us.

For example:

“Minou!! Get these gear and learn! You will be like her!”

By the way, I’m totally in love with this cute little skater!

Morte even roped in a colleague who used to be a skating instructor, who’s promising us free lessons. All the better to entice the cyclists/undecided over!

Morte, by the way, is still trying to get comfortable with his skates. He can skate smoothly but he can’t go too fast, so he’s always lagging behind.

Group photo

Yesterday, the Goonfather MSN’ed me to complain.

“Alf is like poisoning my cyclists to go to his side leh.”

(Morte’s real name is Alfred.)

The Goonfather continued, “I must find a way to retain my cyclists. So, I drew a picture to remind my cyclists the outcome of skating, unless you’re damn fit.”

(During our sessions, the cyclists will usually go slow enough for the skaters to keep up. And the skaters, except Morte, go fast enough for the cyclists to be pretty comfortable.)

Here’s what the Goonfather drew:

The Goonfather's picture

I hope you can decipher it. It took me a while because I was wondering why he made the skaters look like tortoises.

It turned out he just sucks at drawing. The point was just to taunt Morte.

Unker Kell also added fuel to the fire: “I think if I run and he skate, I’ll still reach Changi before him.”


Score one for the Goonfather’s faction, I guess.

Well, there’s a reason why our group is called Club Morte.

(But Skate Faction still wins by number!)

Masterplan for managing my life: FAILED

Since I was a child, I’ve had to battle procrastination. My mind rejects the concept of time management. My greatest vice is the pursuit of instant gratification.

But, at the same time, I’ve also always felt a strong need to make every second of my life count by continually learning as much as humanly possible and improving every aspect of myself.

This cognitive dissonance totally screws up my sanity.

Early this year, I realised that acting jobs were going to be slow in coming, which meant that I was going to have many, many free days to spend however I liked. I knew that if I didn’t manage myself properly, I would end up parking myself in front of the computer 10 hours a day surfing the net aimlessly or playing WoW.

So I came up with a masterplan.

To motivate myself, I bought a nice notebook to make lists in. (I love pretty notebooks and making lists.)

I marked out several categories of “tasks” in my notebook. Under each category is a long list of relevant task items. For example:

Urgent Tasks
– reply john’s email
– pay credit card bill

Not So Urgent Tasks
– do nails
– call susan about collecting DVD

Daily Work
– blog
– work on new project

– read an acting book
– practice singing
– rehearse a monologue

Fun Activities
– play WoW
– watch an anime
– read a novel

– go jogging
– work out at home

(The above is just a sample. Every category consists of many more items, of course.)

The idea was to make sure I balanced my activities so I wouldn’t neglect anything I felt was important for my personal growth and well-being.

So my plan was that, each day, I would first tackle urgent tasks, then spend my day fulfilling time quotas on each category:

– 5 hours for work
– 3 hours for self-improvement
– 3 hours for fun
– 1 hour for exercise

I would mix and match. Do some work first, then have some fun, then do some more work. However I did it, I would perform one or two tasks from each category, rotating daily so that every task will have received some attention by the end of the week.

I thought this idea was really cool when I first devised it. And I had a lot of fun making the lists. I couldn’t wait for the next day to come. I wanted to start on my plan already.

And then the next day came and the first thing I did was write a blog.

I posted my blog and then I got distracted by all the evil internetly distractions. Started surfing around aimlessly. I told myself I’d do it for just awhile. But awhile turned to six hours and then there wasn’t any more time in the day to do anything else.

This repeated itself the entire week.

I did manage to tick off some urgent tasks (but that category fills up at about the same rate as items get ticked off) and I blogged daily.

But that was all. I didn’t do anything else! Not even the fun stuff I knew I would enjoy doing! I usually even enjoy doing self-improvement activities, so I really had no reason to proscrastinte on those!

Whoever procrastinates having fun??!

So my masterplan was a total failure. Not a single day was spent as planned and my notebook rotted in a corner of my table, and I tried to pretend that it never existed. I turned into a slug.

And then my friend rang me up about doing that day job, so I gave up my brilliant masterplan and accepted the job offer.

I am so ashamed of myself!

But I’m giving myself a chance to redeem myself. The projects in my day job has dried up for now and there looks to be no work in March, which means I can attempt to carry out my masterplan once again.

I’m so excited about it.

I think I’m usually more excitable in the planning stage than in the execution stage. Which is the whole trouble.

But I just gotta force myself to do it no matter what.

Life is so crazy and there are so many things to do. I can never understand people who complain about being bored. There are so many things to do in life and not enough time as it is.

Wish me luck!