GGF#65: LEGO Indiana Jones 2 review

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I’ve never touched any LEGO videogames because I always thought they were for kids. I mean, like, the only time I ever played LEGO was when I was… five?

But I received a copy of LEGO Indiana Jones 2 for review so I thought I’d give it a try to see what the fuss is about. I mean, if they keep making them, there must be something really good about them, even if it’s only for kids, right?

LEGO Indiana Jones 2

Right. And Wrong.

The game is definitely innovative and fun but it’s not entirely for kids. Well, it allows two-player co-op so you could technically pair up with a kid to play it. HE will enjoy bashing up everything in the room to get coins (bolts?) while YOU can do the tough puzzle-solving part.

In fact, I think the game has a bit of everything to thrill different kinds of gamers.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2

There’s the senseless bashing up of stuff. These are usually LEGO furniture (and sometimes LEGO people) which disintegrate into delightful showers of “coins” and LEGO bits when you smash them up

There are stages you have to puzzle out to complete. There are sometimes no clues and can be quite challenging especially when you don’t know what’s happening. Throughout the game, you will get cutscenes with LEGO characters miming a background story which can be quite hard to decipher.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2

There are exciting car chase scenes where you get to zoom around in LEGO trucks and bikes and other vehicles, either in pursuit of baddies or in escape from them. When you run over baddies with your vehicle, they disintegrate into — YES — delightful showers of “coins” and LEGO bits.

You use these “coins” to unlock more characters and vehicles. Basically, you can scroll through any available character to play them at any time by pressing a button. Each character has a different weapon or tool that will help with different puzzles.

But I like playing Indiana Jones cos of his awesomely evil whip. It’s fun tying baddies up and whacking them senseless!

LEGO Indiana Jones 2

There are lots of cute and funny things in the game. My favourite is getting Indiana Jones to dive into a trash can, which will overturn around him so that he becomes a walking trash can.

There’s LEGO building for LEGO fans. The process is largely automated, but sometimes you get the opportunity to build a bunch of LEGO blocks into a contraption that will help you in your mission.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2

And, finally, there’s the rousing Indiana Jones theme music and the trademark Indiana Jones humour, as well as suitably well-represented characters to satisfy Indiana Jones fans.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2

I think this could be a great game for couples. The guys can do all the car chases and bashing up of baddies while the girls can do the LEGO building and solving of puzzles.

I mean, like, you could do it together, but you can split the tasks.

Or maybe parent and kid. The kid will love running around bashing up stuff while the parent does the work of solving the puzzles and getting them through the stages.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2

It’s also possible to complete the game solo but it’ll be a lot more fun playing co-op.

In fact, you can also beat up your “friend” in the game. If you beat him enough times, he will disintegrate into — YES — DELIGHTFUL SHOWERS OF “COINS” AND LEGO BITS!

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is available on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and DS.

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