I went for the iPhone launch…

…and decided to go home right away after seeing the insane crowd.

I started out quite excited to get my iPhone.

Arrived at Comcenter 10 minutes before launch.

Saw the queue.

It started from outside Comcentre’s main lobby, wound around the back of the building and then snaked towards the next wing, the hello! shop, and then continued past the next building.

There was an estimate of 600 people in the queue by the time the phone launched at midnight.

Some photos of the madness:

I couldn’t afford to stand around and wait in the queue for hours for my turn, so I decided to go home.

It’s freaking midnight lor… these people no need to work in the morning??

Ten minutes into the launch, the emcee interviewed the first few people in the queue, asking them what time they had started queueing.

The answer was: Since 12:30pm.

That’s 12 freaking hours standing in line!!


I’m thinking now I might want to give up my iPhone order and buy an Omnia, instead.