Daily Journal – September 21 + 22

Daily Journal - September 21 + 22


Transcription – September 21

Hemp Milk

Tried hemp milk today. It is properly disgusting. It tastes like chalk, or dust, or ash. Not that I’ve tasted any of those, but hemp milk is what I imagine those things mixed in water would taste like. I don’t know what the reviewers who said this product is delicious are thinking. I had it with oats and had to gag it down.

Brad Pitt

Watched Burn After Reading. Partway through, I thought it gave me Fargo vibes. Sure enough it’s a Coen brothers movie! Brad Pitt is really good at playing ditzy and crazy (12 Monkeys, lol).


Grateful for uninterrupted sleep today. Still was not long enough but I must be thankful for small blessings.

Dark Chocolate

Felt hypoglycaemic in the middle of my walk. Decided to fix it with some dark chocolate. I have disliked dark chocolate all my life but Ocado had sent these over for reviewing and Adam my homeopath says if I must have sweets, choose dark chocolate because it is good for you. So I ate it and enjoyed it somewhat because it is better than no chocolate. But I miss milk chocolate so much! And then I had to pay the price: horrid aftertaste that lingers in my tongue for hours and hours after eating dark chocolate.


Transcription – September 21


I’m not sure whether I’m intolerant to the lactose or casein in milk, but Adam said butter is probably ok for me, so I bought some lactose-free butter just to be as safe as possible. Well, great news! It tastes just as good as Lurpak and I’m so pleased! Life is a little bit less horrid now.

Speaking of which, I stopped getting back acne about a month after quitting dairy and going low sugar. So that’s kind of great but which one was causing the acne? Or was it both? I should have tried quitting one at a time!

In the beginning, the symptoms were worse. But it got better over time. Now, after about half a year, I am satisfied with the result. I just have issues with dry lips and dry skin. I am likewise apprehensive that the side effects will return after the treatment. I need to take Accutane until my summer holidays. I would recommend it.

Walking indoors

It rained all day today, which is great news for the garden, but bad news for my routine. I don’t want to go out there to walk when it’s wet and cold! Piers suggested I just walk around the living room, which sounds unappealing but was the best option.

I put Harry Potter on the Bluetooth speaker and started walking. A minute later, I had a better idea. I put Netflix on and started walking on the spot in front of the TV. Home gym sorted!


I’m grateful for humour and funny people and for the ability to laugh with a passion.


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Laugh at people’s failures

Thanks to my reader Relax, I just wasted two hours of my life laughing my head off.

He recommended that I post my security camera sign photo to this site called FAIL Blog, so I went to check it out.

Then I just got stuck there, compelled to click Next page endlessly.

Hilarious photos like this:

It’s funnier if you look at the photos with people.

The Goonfather was just beside me, supposed to be reading his textbook in preparation for class (and he already didn’t have enough time to finish reading everything before class), but he kept looking up at my screen and guffawing away, which in turn incited me to laugh even harder.

Both of us became dysfuntional for two hours, laughing like crazed hyenas.

I kept scolding him. “Stop looking at my screen! You need to finish reading your homeworrk!!”

He would make a mock pouty face and go back to his book.

10 seconds later, I would hear “wahahahahahahahahahaha!” from him again, and I would turn around and he would be, like, looking at my screen again, laughing, tears almost spilling out the corners of his eyes.

Evil site, brought to you by the people who created I Can Has Cheezburger.

Here are some of my favourite ones.

Question Fail

Low Price Fail

Advert Fail

Comment Fail

Sign Fail

Traffic Light Fail

Undercover Fail

Fine Fail

Webcam Slut Fail

There are so many more, so go check it out.

I wish I could spend more time on it, but I am again busy this weekend and need to go out soon.

That’s why today’s blog entry is a copout entry (linking to someone’s site and posting pictures not my own), which takes significantly less time to produce.

I figured that since the two hours I had allocated myself to blog had instead gone to reading FAIL blog (sorry, I couldn’t resist!), I might as well blog about FAIL blog.

If you have time, I reckon it’s a great way to spend a weekend.

Happy laughing!