My secret infatuation

Argh, okay, I suppose it won’t be a secret anymore after I blog about it. Damn, bloggers have got no privacy at all!

So, I am now secretly infatuated with drummers. *blush* Well, alright, it’s only secret to people who don’t read my blog. But I don’t think any drummers read my blog so my secret is safe.

Yes, I’m infatuated with all of them! Um, okay, maybe particularly the good looking ones. A girl has to be discerning where she directs her infatuations.

It all started eons ago when I watched a Metallica tour video and noticed Lars Ulrich, who is not really good looking but his drumming more than makes up for it — he’s like the god of drummers.

[Lars god of drummers Ulrich]

Even now, after so many years of listening to Metallica, my heart still skips beats listening to him play.

So I’ve always sub-consciously enjoyed good drum grooves but never thought to take lessons myself until recently when I got influenced by Rock Band, which I know is a freaking lame reason to pick up any musical instrument, but that’s how it goes, so I am suddenly paying more attention to drummers. (I used to only have eyes for Lars.)

I saw this band on Monday night at Nokia Connection 2008 (an event which I will blog about another day because there’s so much info and photos to sort through)!

[They had so much fun]

After a cursory photo of the whole band, I zoomed in on the drummer, whose name is Edmund.

[He had so much fun]

He is so cool!

He’s using black Vic Firth signature drumsticks, how cool is that??!??! It is so cool!

[The audience had so much fun]

His drumming posture (I dunno what else to call it) is so cool. I mean, seriously, I have no other word than cool. Cool says it all, I’m sorry.

Edmund’s like the best-looking member of the band, so like I took a video! Heehee!

The Goonfather is going to kill me, of course, but… don’t care lah. If he can have his infatuations on cute Korean girls and Angelina Jolie, I can have my infatuations on drummers! Hehe!

Oh, video!

I didn’t catch him at his best moments but I was really quite busy at the event and this was the only moment I was available to stand there and watch.

The best part of it is that he’s entirely self-taught! I don’t know how these people do it!!!! How can anyone teach themselves to play like that?

I’m not in any position to critique drumming, so I shan’t comment on his skill. But I think he looks good and sounds good on stage, so it’s all good!

Apparently, all members of the band PeepShow are self-taught! Can you beat that? I am totally flummoxed. (I JUST FELT LIKE USING THAT WORD!)

Go check out PeepShow’s profile and blog and support the band because it’s cool to support local acts and these boys are actually pretty good (great music and great showmanship)!

[Hiding from the meepits]

They won some band contest in 2005 and have just released their first EP, which got good reviews in TODAY and Time Out. You can buy their album at HMV!

Best of all, they’re all so friendly and down-to-earth!

Yes yes yes… I spoke to them later that night (well, particularly Edmund, because he approached me because he saw me unabashedly taking videos of him). AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO WITH THEM.

(I did have a photo with a couple of Nokia models, of which there were TONS that night. Look forward to seeing them in my next blog entry about the event!)

[Smiley people]

(I feel so short and dowdy sandwiched between them. And I’ve got that silly Nokia lanyard name tag which guests had to wear. I mean, it’s a nice lanyard, but it doesn’t quite go with my dress that night.)

So I forgot to take a photo with the band, bummer. (I think I had six too many martinis. There was a really mean martini bar at the event.)

No I’m not turning into a groupie. It just sounds that way. I’m not, really.

I’m just infatuated with drums! And drummers.

Maybe if I ever get as good as them (I mean the pros), I’ll stop being infatuated. Right now, they’re all amazing to me.

Until then, though, it’s costing me an arm and a leg to get there. Make that two arms and two legs. $50 a week for lessons + $50 a week to practise at the studio ($5.50 an hour).

That comes up to more than $400 a month!! I don’t even make that amount of money some months (told you I’m poor)!!

I think I’m going crazy. =(

Sheylara, future drummer extraordinaire

Okay, not quite extraordinaire, seeing as I’m a reputed klutz and am all hands and feet.

(You might argue that a good drummer is all hands and feet, but I kinda meant mine in the negative way.)

Anyway, this is a semi-long story so I’ll start from the beginning.

Remember the Goonfather bought Rock Band six weeks back?

[Rock Band in the boot]

Well, we haven’t had much time to play it. Let’s just say we’ve played it fewer than 10 times since we’ve got it, but it seems that the drum is my instrument.

I find the drums most fun to play. I’m also the official drummer in our “band” because I happen to be the best at it in our group (although Minou is possibly as good as I am, just that, for some reason, she refuses to play in hard and expert modes).

The Goonfather thought I should have a pair of real drumsticks. He’d read that anti-vibe drumsticks will reduce the ridiculously loud “tok tok tok” sound that you hear when the default Rock Band drumsticks hit the drum pads.

So we went to Yamaha. We tried a few different ones and found that they all sounded about the same, anti-vibe or otherwise, so I decided to go for looks.

I am now the proud owner of a pair of dazzling white Zildjian Travis Barker drumsticks!!

[Fake drummer]

And I can’t even play drums. Real ones, I mean.

But they look so good and they feel so good. Seriously, it feels so much better playing with real drumsticks, like more solid or something.

But they also make me feel like a poser. Not a real drummer using real drumsticks! The cheek of me!!

Which led me to consider drumming lessons.

I googled “drumming courses in Singapore” and shortlisted three places to visit and see how I feel about them before making a decision.

Today, I was out for an audition and a work meeting, so I thought I’d check out those rock schools on the way.

I went first to The Music Lab. Within two minutes, I signed up and paid the deposit for four lessons, committing myself to 24 lessons.

I hate shopping around. I hate waiting. I hate dilly dallying. Not always a good thing, but it gets things done.

[Still fake drummer]

Ok, fine. I’m impulsive.

I told the Goonfather what I had done and he scolded me for wasting money. As if it’s his money I’m using.

He said I should have signed up with Yamaha because Yamaha charges like $10 less per lesson. When I tried to explain that I don’t care about the cost because I believe in learning from the best, he said I shouldn’t believe everything I read on the net.

But he was the one who wanted me to get real drumsticks in the first place and was supportive of me getting drum lessons, so I don’t see why he has to suddenly turn critical!!

Idiot partners.

So, anyway, I refused to talk to him anymore on the subject because I don’t believe in flogging a dead horse. I mean, I already paid the deposit so what did he expect me to do, rob it back?

[Not drummer]

But now I kinda regret signing up because this wasn’t even part of my masterplan.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me this year. I keep doing things that are not part of the plan. I think I’ve been possessed by aliens or something.

It’s not that I’m not excited about the lessons. (I start next week!) I love learning new things. And I’ve always loved drums.

I watched a Metallica tour video eons ago and fell in love with Lars Ulrich (the drummer) because his drumming made my heart skip a beat, it’s so good.

But being a drummer has never been something I felt I needed to do. I don’t think I could ever be a good drummer, anyway, because I’m so uncoordinated. (Rock Band is different. It’s easy because there are only four pads and a foot pedal.)

I guess I’m just curious about real drumming. I have this impression that drummers are not human because what they do seems impossible, especially those who seem to suddenly grow ten hands and twenty feet when playing.

Aiyah. Don’t care so much lah. Like I said, I already paid the deposit so wtf I’m just going to have fun with it, bugger them all. I think I need the stress relief. Life has been getting too stressful of late.

But the aliens possessing me had better stop making me do anymore crazy things.