The kind of dog I love — #2 Jumps on your lap

Second Basil comic!


Jumps on your lap


All Basil comics are based on 100% true events so this really did happen.

I was babysitting him and relaxing on the sofa, and he was quite happy to lie beside me.

That is, until I got my Macbook out and placed it on my lap.

He immediately decided that he simply must make himself comfortable on it.

Here’s a photo I took with my Macbook while he was still sitting on it. (Took a bit of doing taking that photo since he was blocking most of the screen and the keyboard.)


Basil sitting on my Macbook


I think today’s chapter illustrates how loving Basil is. Most dogs probably are, though. I mean, if you allow them to go on the sofa or hop into bed with you, they will always be there. I find that so endearing.

I love when dogs climb onto me and get comfy because it gives me a warm and tender feeling (except maybe when they’re sitting on the wrong “laptop”). But then they get too comfy and fall asleep and you’re kind of stuck there indefinitely, not having the heart to wake them.

Don’t you love (hate) when that happens?


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