I’m surrounded by nutcases

After reading my blog about mutton tulang yesterday, Nanny Wen tweeted: “MY FAVOURITE FOOD in guangzhou!!!! it’s the best ever *salivates*”

I was, like: “So nice meh?”

She went: “Maybe yours wasnt that great but my soup was super tasty n fantastic.”

I said: “I also don’t like the tulang at Lagoon which TGF always eat…”

She said: “Lagoon got tulang ?? Where???! Let’s eat tonight!!”

So, there and then, at 4:30pm, we decided to meet for dinner.

I SMSed the Goonfather and Unker Kell to book them for dinner. They replied OK. I told our maid not to cook dinner for us.

Half an hour later, Nanny Wen BBMed me (paraphrased): “Oh shit I forgot I already have movie plans tonight.”

So, that’s how the Goonfather, Unker Kell and I went to Lagoon to eat tulang on behalf of Nanny Wen.

Mutton tulang

Actually, only the Goonfather ate it. I don’t like it and Unker Kell only likes the sauce. The dish comes with a plate of bread for dipping.

I ate BBQ chicken wings.

Unker Kell ate Roti John while making some lame joke about depriving John of his bread.

After dinner, he belched contentedly and said smugly with a cheesy grin, “John, you hear that?”

Kell is a nutcase.