Ladurée and Louis Vuitton shopping on the Champs-Élysées

Safely back in England!

Am very happy to report that I didn’t get kidnapped or mugged in Paris. I practised with Piers for hours putting on my don’t-mess-with-me face.

Looks something like this:


Making a face


Yeah, Piers doesn’t do it very well. He’s just smiley all the time. So I had to make mine doubly fierce.

I think it worked. We didn’t get mobbed walking through dark alleys in the middle of the night carrying a large LV shopping bag and a small Ladurée shopping bag.

Ladurée is a luxury cake shop in Paris where the modern macaron was first created. (Before that, macarons were just single layer cookies.)

We joined the takeaway queue at the prestigious Champs-Élysées outlet and had to wait 40 minutes before we got served. There’s a separate queue for eat-in customers, which is shorter, but I suppose would also take as long since you have to wait for people to finish stoning at their tables with their expensive teas and cakes.


Ladurée Paris


The queue you see here is only the outside. Inside, the queue is four times as long.

While we were waiting, we kept seeing tourists taking photos at the store window. This is the kind of thing I normally don’t like to do, but then I felt pressurised when people kept doing it and I kept thinking, “Okay, what if I don’t have a picture of me at the store window and I regret it when I’m senile and can’t remember if I was ever there or not?”

I always have to be pressurised into doing touristy stuff because, otherwise, I couldn’t be bothered.


Ladurée Paris


Looks so retarded right?!!

That’s why I hate doing it.



Ladurée Paris


Ladurée Paris


They don’t let you take photos of their pastries on display.

So I can only show you photos of the few things we bought. They’re quite expensive, so we didn’t buy too many things. Wouldn’t have had time to eat them all, anyway, since I really wanted to have room in my tummy for savory meals, which I prefer.

Okay, this was the first time I ever ate macarons so I can’t do a comparison, but Ladurée macarons are so very good. I was so surprised how much I liked them cos I don’t have much of a sweet tooth these days.


Ladurée Paris


They’re so soft and chewy and tasty, and not too sweet! Very pricey at €10 (S$18) for eight pieces but worth trying. They have like 20 different flavours. I like rose, green apple and vanilla.

Chocolate eclair next:


Ladurée Paris


I suppose a sweet-toothed person would love this. I found the top part a bit too sweet for me. The filling is a pleasant chocolate cream.

This was Piers’ choice:


Ladurée Paris


I don’t know what it was. I took one bite and didn’t want it anymore because it was sooooo sweet.

I wish I had bought this very pretty-looking pastry that looked like a tart with a huge dollop of pink cream and raspberries sitting in the cream and a real red rose petal sitting on top of it. But it was about €5 (S$9) and I was afraid I wouldn’t like it or have space for it in my tummy.

I haven’t had much of a sweet-tooth in the last couple of years but being in Ladurée and looking at all the pretty pastries made me want to eat them. That’s saying quite a lot!


Ladurée Paris


Certainly a must-visit if you go to Paris. It’s on the same street at the flagship Louis Vuitton store! =D

Well, Since we’re talking about LV…


Louis Vuitton Paris


Louis Vuitton Paris


Yes, I got to feel rich for a while, buying a load of stuff in the flagship store on the Champs-Élysées.

But they are all for friends, so I’m not really rich. Can’t justify paying four-figure prices for bags and wallets.

Maybe I’ll think differently if I ever get rich one day but, right now, I think Samantha Thavasa and Juicy Couture have much cuter designs and they’re a lot cheaper.

Oh, Minou told me that Samantha Thavasa just opened a store in ION Orchard. Oh no. Preparing to go broke when I return to Singapore.

Scared to go home now!!

That was probably part of the reason why I didn’t buy anything for myself in LV. Have to save my money for Samantha Thavasa! =D