OCD me

Four more days until I leave for England again, so much to do before I go, and I’m addicted to K-drama, courtesy of the Goonfather, who passed me five series to watch.

I told myself I would just watch one episode to see if the series is good enough to put in my iPad for my long plane journey. (My iPad only has space for about eight episodes so have to be very choosy.)

But have you watched Korean dramas, especially top rated ones? You can’t stop, even if they’re annoying at times when old people start yelling at each other.

I just started watching 49 Days, about a sweet young thing who gets into an accident just days before her wedding and lapses into a coma. To prove that she is worthy of coming back to life, she has to collect three genuine tear drops from people who love her, within 49 days, the catch being that they can’t be family members.


49 Days


I don’t watch a lot of TV (I spend more time on games) but when I do watch a series, I have an inclination to get obsessive-compulsive about it.

Which explains why I was able to watch the entire first season of 24 in 27 hours. It was actually my second viewing. I was watching it with Piers, who had never watched the series before.

I think Piers is as OC as me. We have the same kind of disorder whereby, when we play a game, say, Angry Birds, we’ll play levels repeatedly until we vomit just so we can get three stars every level.

I don’t play Angry Birds but Piers does. My latest project is Slice It. Must get five stars and perfect for every stage. Have done Episode 1, working on Episode 2, but K-dramas are distracting me.


Slice It


One of the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is having a compulsion to make lists and schedules.

That’s me. I always something going on, a list or log or something.

When I told Piers that I’m keeping a log of the minutes I spend each day not wearing my Invisalign aligners, he laughed and said I was crazy.

I don’t see why! I think it helps me better gauge when I can change a new set of aligners.

But maybe I’m one of the few people in the world who would actually do a thing like that. Wonder what Dr Poon will say to that when I see her on Thursday. Haven’t seen her since I got my first set of aligners about two weeks ago.

After every meal, I jot down in my iPad the number of minutes I’ve had my aligners off.


Invisalign log


It encourages me to spend less time eating every day so I can have loads of impressive low numbers in my spreadsheet cells.

So far, on average, I have worn my aligners for 22.5 hours each day, more than the recommended 20-22 hours!

So proud of myself.

Not sure I can keep it up, though, cos when I’m in England (FOUR DAYS’ TIME!!!) I should be spending a lot of time eating because Piers said one of the things he likes about me is my gluttony.

I should be so flattered?


Piers and Sheylara