Fashion Diary #16: Guitar Heroine

Day 16

Name of outfit: Guitar Heroine


Destination: Photoshoot by Justyn Olby

Notes: I decided to do a proper Guitar Hero fashion shoot with a proper location and a proper photographer. It’s fun! My bedroom shoot just didn’t cut it.

It was by chance that Justyn and I had the same idea that day. He had chosen a largely white location. I had put on a largely white outfit. We didn’t have time to find another location so we made do. But, you know what, I quite like the effect.

Fashion Diary #15: Candy Rock

Day 15

Name of outfit: Candy Rock


Destination: Playing Guitar Hero III at home

Notes: The Goonfather just bought Guitar Hero III (for the PS3) so I wanted to take some photos of us playing the game. For that, I decided to emulate one of the avatars in the game, a kawaii Japanese guitarist wearing a jacket, mini skirt, platform shoes and knee socks. She even carries a tiny haversack on stage!

I don’t have an outfit exactly like that, so I did the best I could. You’ve seen these clothes before, so today I’m focusing on accessories. I used hairclips on my socks to make them look less plain. I tied shoelaces on my arm and wrist for want of better alternatives to complete the outfit. I love mis-using accessories!

I’ll talk about Guitar Hero III tomorrow and you can check out the kawaii Japanese chick. It’s a fun game and the Goonfather is totally addicted to it!

Fashion Diary #9: Lollipop Stop

Day 9

Name of outfit: Lollipop Stop


Destination: Photoshoot

Notes: My good friend, Justyn Olby, decided one day that he was tired of seeing the same ol’ boring backgrounds in my hastily self-taken photographs, so he dragged me out for a proper photoshoot.

I had to cough out four outfits in a day! Outfits I’ve never published in this Fashion Diary! It was quite a tall order but I managed to accomplish it by pulling out some old things and doing lots of mixing and matching.

So, here’s the first one. I’m not sure where I’d wear it to, though. Maybe to a party.

Fashion Diary #5: Party Kid

Day 5

Name of outfit: Party Kid


Destinations: Birthday party and dinner party

Notes: I was going to my two-year-old niece’s birthday party, so I wanted to wear my new heart-shaped hairclips (one pink, shown in picture, and another white, which I wore on the other side.) And I thought the hairclips would go well with my pinky flowery socks.

The rest of the outfit was thrown in to match those two items. Wanted to wear my white bubble-sleeved blouse but it’s still in the wash. The shorts and birkies were for comfort because I was going to be out all day/night attending parties and doing errands.

Public Reaction #1: You look like you’re going rollerblading.
Public Reaction #2: Wah… so sporty today!
Public Reaction #3: What is this? (Asked by the 2-year-old birthday girl, pointing at my socks.)

Fashion Diary #2: Rustic Kitten

Day 2

Name of outfit: Rustic Kitten


Destination: BlogOut 2007

Notes: Well, the invite said to come in party attire, so I thought I’d better wear heels instead of the dirty sneakers I’m so fond of these days. I’m also very fond of knee length socks, which go nicely with heels to neutralise the elegance that heels give. (I hate looking elegant. It makes me feel yuck.)

I also know that people aren’t going to turn up at a bloggers’ event in party dresses despite what the invite says, because this is Singapore. (And I was right, too.) So I went for casual clothes with my party heels.

Public Reaction #1: What’s with the hair? Act cute ah?
Public Reaction #2: Little girl, are you lost?
Public Reaction #3: I’m so sorry, but your outfit is so special. That’s why I couldn’t stop staring.