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I’ve been travelling quite a lot this year and am already making plans for several more trips in the coming year.

So, my main concern is always mobile connectivity. Can I get a prepaid data card for my phone? Or should I rent a phone with a data plan? How will I get the locals to understand what I want if I can’t speak their language?

Or should I just use data roaming? Can my phone data roam in that country?


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It is quite a chore finding answers to these questions. Sometimes, people tell you different things because they’re not too sure themselves. And, sometimes, you find out too late that what you thought would work doesn’t work after all.

So, I wish I had found this website that offers “Practical Answers For Your Digital Life” sooner. is this one-stop Q&A site where you can find answers to all your digital and IT queries. If the answer you want can’t be found, just ask, and an expert will answer your question!


Here’s a useful Q&A I found for travellers:

Phone Q&A


All pertaining to a digital lifestyle, especially with an emphasis on online security, the website offers seven categories of Q&A:

  • Travelling
  • Communicating
  • Surfing
  • Health
  • Personal Data
  • Buying
  • Working

I think it’s especially useful for the generation of users who didn’t grow up in today’s network-connected world and don’t feel safe engaging in activities or transactions on the Internet.

I’m sure everyone knows someone like that!

Then again, even for those who did grow up in this environment, it’s always a good idea to be knowledgeable on these matters to protect yourselves better

JustAskGemalto answers questions clearly and offers advice on safeguarding our online identities and personal information.

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