Daily Journal – August 25

Daily Journal - August 25



Art thou inspired?

(Cartoon of annoyed stick girl saying, “Well, I do not appreciate having sticks for arms and legs!)

I’ve always thought of myself as being a terrible artist because I can only draw stick figures, pus everything I draw takes forever to get right with pencil and eraser before I ink it. Not like the people on videos who just put pen to paper and a perfect picture happens. So, I am confounded and flattered when someone is inspired by my drawings and copies them as drawing practice. This only happens to real artists!

On a related subject, I’m so pleased and amazed by people showing me their bujo pages inspired by my layouts!


I’m so grateful for the love and concern by scores of internet strangers in response to yesterday’s page. Sometimes I get cynical when I read or hear about horrid mean stuff in the news, and I need to be reminded that the world is also full of amazing, kind people.


Jumanji 2017 is hilarious! OMG the cast is amazing. Laughed from start to end.


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