The giant burger

Once upon a time, there was a hugeass burger.

Empire State Burger

It wasn’t just huge in girth; it was also so thick you had to use the word “cram” to describe putting it in your mouth.

Five friends shared the burger.


They had told the waiter: “Please get the chef to cut the burger into five.”

Each piece must be 72 degrees

The waiter had laughed before saying: “I think you all can’t finish it.”

It was a hugeass burger surrounded by a hugeass pile of fries sitting on a hugeass plate.

Empire State Burger

It was bigger than a spread palm.

Empire State Burger

One-fifth of the burger was almost as big as a regular burger. Depending on where you buy your regular burger, that is.

Empire State Burger

But it was so juicy, so tasty, so carnivorously decadent.

It was just perfect.

The five friends managed to clean up the plate… with some difficulty, because the amount of fries was insane.

Empire State Burger

Plus the fact that they had also ordered soup and pizza to go with the burger.



They were all very very very very very full after the meal.

When the waiter came back to clear the table, he was very surprised by the amazing gluttony of these five friends.

An hour later, they went for coffee and dessert at a next-door cafe, after which they lived fully ever after.

The end!

Empire State Burger

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Empire State Burger can be found at Empire State @ #04-03 Iluma, Victoria Street.

It comes with a price tag of $29.90 but can feed four regular people comfortably (if you don’t order anything else).

The burger is more intimidating in life than it looks in the photo cos you can’t see the height from the photo, so don’t attempt to eat the burger by yourself unless your name is Paul Ong.

(If anyone wants to attempt a Paul Ong, let me know. I will come and document it. =P)

By the way, half the menu items at Empire State are never available, so be prepared to be annoyed, but the burger is definitely worth the annoyance!