The dinner that took 8 hours

On Saturday, Porky made the most ridiculous suggestion of the year.

He said, “Let’s go to Malacca for dinner now.” It was six plus in the evening. The drive to Malacca normally takes two to three hours.

More absurdly, everyone said okay (except Elyxia and Uncle Kell, who already had plans).

I was actually looking forward to playing the Wii that night, but the thought of driving to Malacca on a whim thrilled me, so I gamely went along with the plan.

We didn’t drive up right away. Of course. What did you expect? Nanny Wen had to take a shower first. Morte and Wang2 had to drive home from somewhere to grab their passports. There’s always someone who has unfinished business that can’t wait.

By the time we were all set to start our journey from home, it was past seven.

More waiting when we arrived at the Shell petrol station near the Second Link. Morte and Wang2, although they live in the west and are therefore nearer to our meeting point, weren’t there yet.

Next time check:

Arrival at Johor Bahru!

Wen entertained me in the car by mucking aorund with Mushroom (mine) and Penguin (hers).

The last time she left Penguin in our car (remember she’s always forgetting stuff?), we found the two stuffies in a compromising position when we next saw them. She accused Mushroom of raping Penguin (so totally not true). So she made Penguin take revenge by raping Mushroom back.


After she got tired of manipulating the stuffies, she decided it was a great time to study for her coming exams. In the dark.


From JB to Malacca is 200 km. I don’t know how but it took the boys a whole two hours to get there. Maybe because Morte felt the need to take a rest stop when we were only 40 km away from our destination.


Next time check:

Arrival at Malacca!

It then took us another 20 minutes to reach Jonker Street (where the food and action is) and another 10 minutes to weave through the crowd and get to the particular spot we wanted to eat at.


You see now how Porky’s suggestion was crazy? And how the rest of us were crazier for taking it up?

We finished eating in half an hour and toyed around with the idea of staying for the night so we could eat bak kut teh in the morning. But it was a no go because the Goonfather and I had stuff to do in the morning.

We left Malacca at 11:30 pm. Took a leisurely rest stop on the halfway point, where we drank stuff to wake ourselves up while Nanny Wen slept in the car.

Last time check:

Home sweet home.

Trip damage:

Petrol – S$45
Highway Toll – S$28
Food (for two) – S$9
Total – S$82

Summary: We spent eighty bucks and eight hours to have a dusty dinner of street hawker fare. (But yummy, of course.)

Totally insane!