Who am I? Not too sure…

First of all, thank you all for participating in my Johari Window exercise. It was fun, wasn’t it? And it is very interesting for me to find out what people think of me.

It is even more interesting to note that I have no truly dominant trait. Almost all the provided adjectives, many of which are contradictory, have been used to describe me, and there seems to be no proper consensus as to my personality.

And I don’t think I can really object to any of the choices.

You know what this all means?

This means that I’m certifiably confused.

I think it also means that I’m probably not a very memorable character since I have nothing that sets me apart. Like, you know, people won’t point at me to their friends and go, “Oh, see! That’s that crazy girl with the funny hat who plays tennis with a monkey!”

People might point at me and go, “Oh, see! That’s… uh, I mean, actually, um, I also dunno. I just find her familiar.”

Speaking of which, something strange is going on.

Three different people have come and told me they’ve seen me in three different ads. Each time, I had to correct them because, sadly, I am not in the ads they mentioned.

Last night, another acquaintance told me he’d seen me in “that ad”.

Well, I have learned my lesson. I decided not to ask him “which ad?” like I normally do. That way, if he happened to be thinking of the wrong ad, I won’t have to know and I can continue to assume that I really am that prolific and people really do see me everywhere and recognise me. Haha.

Sometimes you have to practise a little self-deception for the sake of a little comfort.

Anyway, I think this also means that I probably have a very common face if people are going around mistaking me for someone else.

So maybe all those “I find you familiar” comments arise not out of my actual “fame” but out of my having a common, easily-mistaken-for-someone-else face.


You people just wait.


Perhaps plastic surgery will help me look more unique and properly recognisable.

But while I save up for boob jobs and nose jobs and the like, I think I’d better work on my personality.

For detailed results of my Johari window, click here.

If you haven’t participated, please click here first.

Thank you.

Tell me about me

I found a fun program off KingMeng’s blog.

It’s one of those things I just have to try right away, unlike most things I usually file away for a rainy day until I invariably forget all about them.

Now, I had a lot of trouble picking adjectives to describe myself because my personality confuses me. But perhaps you’ll find it easier since you don’t live with me and you don’t have to put up with my split personality.

So, why don’t you help me out? It’ll take you only a minute, unless you’re as indecisive as I am. Hah.

Then make your own and let me know so I can come do yours. But only if I know you personally. Duh.