JB driver scolded by Singaporeans

Hahaha. Look at how this car is parked.

[Free Parking]

This photo was taken last night in the Square 2 (shopping mall) car park.

Not only is it “creatively” parked, it has very interesting ornaments. I’m talking about the ornaments on the windscreen (not inside the car).

[Free Commenting]


I thought the way the driver parked his car was funny, and my mind was going through all funny reasons he would do such a thing, but it seems I’m alone in my views.

Here’s a closer look at the emotional comments left by Singaporeans. (I’m just broadlly assuming that these were written by Singaporeans, judging by the handwriting and syntax.)

[Love Note #1]

[Love Note #2]

[Love Note #3]

[Love Note #4]

I guess I would be mad, too, if I were trying to park my car in a very full car park. But there were many empty lots at the time I was there (6:15 pm, Sunday).

So I was honestly surprised by this display of civic-mindedness. I’ve always had the impression that Singaporeans prefer to mind their own business and would rather grumble to friends than confront issues head-on.

Sure, this isn’t directly confrontational, but it’s still more vocal than I would expect of an average Singaporean.

Now, if only these people would also leave notes for tissue-chopers in food courts and hawker centres.