How to win an Apple MacBook

My blogging stint at iTest is over, so it’s now your turn to go there and give your two cents.

For the price of 150 words or less, you will be admitted for a chance to win an Apple MacBook!

Can lah. I write thousands of words a day. I’m sure you can manage 150! So, go go go before the contest ends on Sep 25!


Now, here’s a summary of my 10 posts, which I had slaved over in the last 10 days, detailing the wonderful things my delinquent Xbox 360, Aristotle, can do.

(Because I know many of you never read!!!)

Day 1: My Xbox 360 gets cranky

He calls me a dodo bird and calls himself Aristotle.


Day 2: Connecting your Xbox 360 to the Internet

Aristotle doesn’t like this post because it bores him.


Day 3: Introducing the Xbox 360 to the PC

I tease Aristotle all day because he’s so fun to tease.


Day 4: My Xbox 360 wants to listen to jazz

Aristotle acts high class and asks for Michael Bublé.


Day 5: Let’s MSN chat!

I chat with the Goonfather on Xbox MSN.


Day 6: Let’s camwhore today!

I camwhore myself and Aristotle.


Day 7: Watch YouTube videos on your Xbox 360

I watch my YouTube videos on TV.


Day 8: Reasons to use the Xbox 360 as a media center

I explain why it’s better to listen to music through the Xbox 360.


Day 9: Colour your world with Xbox accessories

Pink controllers!!! Enough said!!!


Day 10: My Xbox 360 can blog!

I love my Xbox 360!


Now, go read those while I work on GGF. =P

Sheylara humour; fuss over iPhone; maggots in McDonald’s

Hello World!

My first post in iTest is up!

Please go and read it. I promise you it won’t be a dry, techie blog. It will have a healthy dose of Sheylara humour to make it as painless as possible, especially for readers who aren’t very technical or aren’t very interested in technical stuff.

Go read it then come back here. =)

Now, I’m going to be quite random today because I’m bushed after a day of meetings and errands and writing that IDA blog.


The fuss over iPhone


Why are there still people making a big deal out of the 3G iPhone?

It’s so overhyped, with half of Singapore owning one, that I would think the response should now be: “Eew, you have an iPhone too?”

But, no. I’m still hearing: “Wow!! Is that the new iPhone???!!!”

Truly mind boggling.

In fact, I’m a little embarrassed to be seen carrying one because it’s so overhyped and common.

But it’s a pretty phone so I shan’t care.


Maggots in McDonald’s

In other news, maggots have been spotted in McDonald’s food products.

I received an e-mail written by one Judy Tan to the arts community e-mail group that I’m in.

You can’t read messages there if you’re not a member, so I’ll repost it here for you.

She says:

I went to the outlet at Compasspoint on 3 Sep 08 at about 10pm. I ordered 2 Double Cheeseburger and a 9 Pcs Chicken Nuggets. After which I asked for Curry Sauce and Chilli Sauce to take away.

When i got home, which was a short 2 mins ride, TO MY HORROR, when i opened the packet of curry sauce, i was greeted with a ‘smell’ and there were many tiny maggots crawling inside with a portion of the curry sauce which have turned black and harden and possibly rotting.

I wrote in to feedback to Macdonalds the same night, and this morning (4 Sep) i had a call from a Business Manager apologising for this encounter, the first thing she asked was if i had kept the packet of curry sauce! The maggots were crawling out, obviously i had it disposed as soon as i took the photos, and in our conversation she also mentioned that this is not isolated to the outlet at Compasspoint! It was island wide as it could be a supplier problem. I think it is ridiculous! She also told me there were a few complaints already.

Shouldn’t they stop giving out curry sauce while pending investigation? It was ‘fortunate’ for me that the rotting and maggots were visible. For those packets which have not turned black may have maggots swimming in the sauce which is not known to the consumer. I asked her if they do check the expiry date of the sauces, she mentioned that the turnover for curry sauce is very high thus unlikely it would hit past the expiry date. Then my question is, if it is not even past its expiry date and it is rotting with maggots, what’s going on???

This just serves as a warning to fellow Macdonalds consumers to watch out before dipping your food into curry sauce, you may not know what is swimming and growing in there…

This is quite troubling for me because McDonald’s happens to be my favourite fast-food joint. Now I can’t think about it without thinking of maggots. Sheesh.

There was a photo but the e-mail group doesn’t allow attachments so it got trunked.


The End

And that’s all for tonight. My bed beckons!

Except that I still can’t go to bed because I haven’t had dinner, haven’t showered, haven’t written my Xbox blog and haven’t logged into Warhammer Online for three days to take advantage of the Open Beta play for which I paid good money.

Well, nothing new there.

See you tomorrow!

Star blogging with IDA

I fear that if I’m not careful, I shall soon be labelled exclusively a geek, thanks to my role as Xbox LIVE ambassador, my Gamer Girl Friday column, my recent gadget shopping spree and, soon to be revealed, a new techy campaign called iTest.

So, here’s a rather bimbotic photo to balance things a little.

Sheylara, bimbo-geek

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a geek, but I don’t want people to have too high expectations of me.

While you’re puzzling over that, let me tell you more about my new project.

Some time ago, I was invited to participate in a new IDA (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore) blogging campaign to introduce and encourage the use of tech gadgets in Singapore.

After months of meetings and preparation (with most of the work done by IDA’s agency, of course) the campaign is finally ready to go live!!

(So now it’s our turn to do all the work.)

iTest coming soon

That’s the teaser page which you can view by clicking here. The actual site, which will be part of Infocomm123, will go live tomorrow.

There’s nothing to read now, except the teasing banner, which currently has as much reading material as a small box of cereal, but you can go there to register an account first.

You must do that to win a MacBook!! Yeah! A MacBook! I won’t tell you the details now (because I don’t actually know, myself) but all should be revealed tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow! (I’m not going to Sydney!)

In the meantime, let me introduce you to the other star bloggers in this campaign.

(So, like, we’re not the ones calling ourselves star bloggers, so don’t throw rotten tomatoes at us. It’s just a fancy term used by the project team to make us look more attractive than we actually are. It works, doesn’t it? Huh? HUH?!!)

From left:

Nicholas Aaron Khoo — A CNET blogger who’s very enthusiastic and knowledgeable in all geekly matters. Well, you’ve seen him in my blog before. We’re friends, lol. So I must say nice things about him or he’ll hammer me with an egg beater next time we meet. Nic’s a very helpful guy who’s always involved in zillions of community initiatives and projects.

Sheylara — That’s me (in case you’ve forgotten how I look like). Um, do I need to introduce myself? No need, right? You can go read my About page, as if you haven’t already read it.

TypicalBen — He’s a funky Ngee Ann Poly student who is very popular among teenage girls. He blogs about random every day stuff in a very chirpy way and seems to love polka dots a lot. A whole lot, in fact.

Lau Zha Bor — This cute granny should be a familiar face to most Singaporeans. She’s a JTeam artiste and has appeared in numerous local films and TV shows. She’s as cute and friendly in person as her blog is!


As you can see, all of us fit into different demographics, which is the whole point. In the next 10 days, we’ll each be blogging about a different gadget and sharing our experiences using them. No prizes for guessing what my gadget is. (No need to guess, actually, like, it’s pictured above, lol.)

So, brace yourself for yet another Sheylara blog. Yes, you must come read my iTest blog or I will hammer you with an egg beater.