SingNet banned my blog or what?

I have received numerous complaints from readers that they haven’t been able to access my blog. Almost all of them are on SingNet.

Today, after many attempts to speak to SingNet technical support, I finally got through by harrassing an operator at the SingTel headquarters.

When I told the tech support the problem, he said, “I can access your website, mam, there’s no problem. Maybe the problem lies in your readers’ computer or router settings.”


This is frustrating, so I am seeking your help. If you have problems accessing my blog, please help me by doing either or both of the following:

A) Send me a trace route report from the computer that can’t access my blog:

  1. Click on Windows Start button.
  2. Select “Run” (bottom right).
  3. Type “cmd” and click OK.
  4. A DOS window will appear. Type “tracert” and hit enter.
  5. You will see funny strings of words start to appear but it will get stuck halfway. Once it’s stuck for maybe a minute, do the following:
  6. Right click on the window and select “Select All”.
  7. Press Ctrl-C to copy the screen.
  8. Press Ctrl-V into your e-mail. Mail it to me at:

B) Call SingNet to complain so you can tell them what’s the error message.

Thank you for your help! I hope to have this issue fixed ASAP.