A Banking Babe is Born: Chapter 2

A Banking Babe is Born



Sheylara is a bimbo who enjoys shopping, playing games and Facebooking. She’s always late in paying bills because she thinks banking and accounting are tough, boring tasks. But she will soon find out how wrong she is!


Cast of Characters

Breeze Cast of Characters



Cutie Prime worries about being cut off because Sheylara keeps procrastinating her phone bill payment. So, Fluffy the 2nd comes to the rescue, enticing Sheylara with the Wishlist feature in Breeze! Sheylara now thinks banking could be fun, but her phone bill still remains to be paid…


Chapter 2: Sexy mobile secretary

One day, Sheylara was playing a game on Cutie Prime.

Actually, it wasn’t only one day. Sheylara was always playing games, if not on Cutie Prime, then on her PC or iPad or DS or Xbox 360 or PS3 or Wii….

You’d think she wouldn’t have time to go shopping or indulge in any of her hobbies, what with all this game-playing.

As Sheylara played on, Cutie Prime, as usual, was fretting over the unpaid phone bill.


Sheylara playing on iPhone


Meanwhile, Fluffy the 2nd sat at the side, rolling her eyes at this. She decided that it was time to give Cutie Prime a big hint. She edged closer and whispered to the dejected iPhone.

“Cutie, get her to download Breeze for iPhone. Tell her it’s a new game.”

Cutie’s eyes brightened.

“Why didn’t I think of that?!”


Sheylara playing on iPhone


Not to be deterred, Cutie Prime forcefully showed Sheylara the app and made her download it.


Breeze on iPhone


Cutie Prime gritted her teeth and tried to ignore the protestations of the impatient bimbo.

Just as Sheylara was about to turn the app off and continue with her game, Cutie Prime quickly flashed the most attention-grabbing thing in Breeze she could think of.


Breeze on iPhone


Happy that her effort was beginning to show some fruit, Cutie Prime continued to appeal to the novelty-loving gene in Sheylara.

“It’s very clever. You can send a cheque to anyone at all without actually sending a real cheque!”


“You just type the details in me and Standard Chartered Bank will send a real cheque on your behalf to whomever!”

“Oh,” said Sheylara, trying to puzzle it out.

“Why don’t you try it now?!” cried Cutie Prime before Sheylara had time to lose interest.


Sheylara is confused


Delighted, Sheylara set to work sending herself a cheque as Cutie Prime ran her through the steps.


Sheylara sends herself a cheque


Sheylara sends herself a cheque


“Hey, hey, hey!” Sheylara suddenly yelled out, “What was that icon thing? I want to send another cheque to someone else so I can make another icon!”

“Oh, that!” said Cutie, “You can personalise all your payees, whether it’s for sending a cheque or paying a bill or transferring money to a friend!”

“Oooh!” said Sheylara, “Show me again!”

With that, Cutie smiled slyly and said, “Why don’t we make one for your phone bill?”



Sheylara makes a phone bill payee


Encouraged by Sheylara’s interest, Cutie Prime went for the winning shot.

“Let’s pay your phone bill now!”


Cutie Prime grinned widely and gave Fluffy a high-five.


Sheylara pays her phone bill


At this, Fluffy the 2nd felt that it was time to pipe in. She was a bit jealous for not having appeared much in the entire chapter.

“Look, Sheylara!” she said.

Sheylara looked.

“I’m making a monthly reminder in your Breeze so that you’ll remember to pay your bill every month!”


Fluffy makes reminders


“Wow, you’re like a secretary, Fluffy!” said Sheylara, excited.

Fluffy beamed happily.

“What about me?” said Cutie.

“You’re a mobile secretary!” said Fluffy.

“A sexy one!” said Cutie, striking a pose, although she looked the same no matter what pose she tried to strike.

Suddenly, Sheylara cried out, “THAT REMINDS ME!”


Sheylara remembers


“Bye girls!” Sheylara yelled, and was out the door in five seconds.

Fluffy sighed.

“That girl. You can never keep her doing something serious for two minutes!”

Cutie rolled her eyes. “And she forgot to take me again. She’ll have to come back to grab me.”

“LOL,” said Fluffy.

“We’ll convert her yet!” declared Cutie Prime suddenly. She was feeling confident now that the phone bill was finally paid.

“She’ll be logging in and using Breeze all the time once we’re done with her! Then she’ll become smarter and less ditzy!”

Fluffy didn’t respond and even looked a bit doubtful.

Can a bimbo truly become a banking babe? What will Fluffy and Cutie do next?

Find out in Chapter 3, coming next week!

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A Banking Babe is Born: Chapter 1

A Banking Babe is Born



Sheylara is a bimbo who enjoys shopping, playing games and Facebooking. She’s always late in paying bills because she thinks banking and accounting are tough, boring tasks. But she will soon find out how wrong she is!


Cast of Characters

Breeze Cast of Characters


Chapter 1: It’s like a game!

Once upon a time, a bimbo named Sheylara was fast asleep in bed at nine in the morning, dreaming of toy poodles and ice cream, which are random items of no consequence in this story, but the author just thought would make Sheylara appear more ditzy.


Sleeping Sheylara


Little did she know, as she was dreaming, that someone was gossiping about her! (She wouldn’t have minded had she known, though, because Sheylara was amicable like that.)


Cutie Prime worries about being cut off


Annoyed with Fluffy’s secrecy, Cutie Prime hopped onto Sheylara’s shoulder and started playing her favourite alarm ring tone, a certain catchy song by the Wonder Girls.

Nothing happened for a whole minute.

Cutie was just about to check whether Sheylara was still breathing when the sleepy bimbo began to stir.

“Mmmph,” said Sheylara.

“Wake up!” said Cutie Prime, bopping on her shoulder impatiently.

“Mmmph,” said Sheylara.


Sheylara wakes up


Inspired by Cutie Prime and her catchy ring tone, Fluffy the 2nd also started hopping in excitement.

“Come look, Sheylara!” she chirped, “I have a new game!”

“Huh? What game?”

“It’s called ‘Make a wish now and go shopping later’!”


Sheylara walked to Fluffy and sat down in front of her, rubbing her eyes.

“What are you up to?” the still-sleepy girl asked suspiciously.


Fluffy is excited


At the thought of shopping, Sheylara woke up instantly.

“Stuff I want to buy? Oooh! That’s easy!”

She started rattling them off like a submachine gun riding on a roaster coaster at the speed of a bullet train.


Sheylara is excited


“Eeeks! Enough!” cried Fluffy, intimidated. “Check this out first!”

The cute and illustrious Macbook loaded up a website, winked at Sheylara and said, “We’ll tell it to your bank account and make your wishes all happen!”


“Here. This is Breeze.StandardChartered.Com! This is where you can do fun stuff with your bank account!”




Standard Chartered Breeze


Fluffy made a few excited gestures at the confused Sheylara.

“Are we playing Charades?” asked the bimbo.

“No, no. I’m just excited. Look, let’s just sign you up quickly.”


“Click on ‘Get Breeze’!”

“What? Where’s the game?” Sheylara complained.

“Be patient! You need to type in your online banking username and password first.”

“Okay, okay.”


Standard Chartered Breeze


While Sheylara was typing in her details, Fluffy winked at Cutie. She was certainly in a good mood today, doing a lot of winking.

In no time, Sheylara was done. At least she was sensible enough to remember her passwords.

“Good girl!” said Fluffy, “That’s all you need to activate Breeze! Here, your Standard Chartered bank accounts and transactions are shown in easy-to-understand formats. Even a bimbo can understand them!”

Sheylara narrowed her eyes and looked at Fluffy suspiciously.


Sheylara is impatient


Clearing her throat, assuming Macbooks have them, Fluffy began to explain in the simplest terms she could manage.


Fluffy introduces Wishlists


Next step!


Fluffy explains Wishlists


The thought of shopping always excited Sheylara. She loved the idea of saving money for many different items concurrently.

She thought she would make a little game, have a little competition for her items to be the first to have a full slider bar.

Of course, no one was going to tell her she would have to decide on the winner for herself, eventually.


Fluffy explains Wishlists


With that, Sheylara gave Fluffy a little kiss on her pink bow.

“This is kinda fun but I want to go play games on my iPad now. See ya, Fluffy!”

Now, while all this was happening, Cutie Prime had been watching quietly at a corner. As Sheylara walked off, the angsty phone went postal.

She marched up to Fluffy and shrieked.


Cutie Prime goes postal


Fluffy clucked pacifyingly.

Well, as much as clucks can be pacifying.

And as much as Macbooks can cluck.

“All in good time, sister,” she said sagely, “You’re just as impatient as the girl!”


Cutie Prime goes postal


Fluffy clucked again.


Fluffy assures Cutie



That was that.

Cutie couldn’t wait, but there was nothing she could do at this point of time.


How is Fluffy the 2nd going to make Sheylara pay her phone bill on time? Or will Cutie Prime have to be resigned to having her line cut off once a month?

Find out in Chapter 2, coming next week!