Without the Internet, I have no job

The Internet has totally changed the way my friends and I communicate.

In the past, when I hang out with friends, we would just hang out. We would chat over a meal or a drink.

Nowadays, when I hang out with friends, we’re chatting with each other online instead of in person, even though we’re sitting right next to each other.

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Of course, we still do chat the traditional way, but it’s not uncommon to see the whole group of us sitting around a table together, all of us on our mobile phones, text-chatting with one another and with other online friends.


The Internet is not just an option anymore. It has become an integral part of our lives.

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Strange people on the Internet

I have some funny subscribers to my YouTube channel who sometimes ask me the weirdest questions either in my profile comment box or in private messaging.

There’s this one particular guy who asks me strange questions all the time. I don’t reply every one of his messages because I really don’t have the time to.

But there was this weird Q&A that transpired between us recently. The topic is totally out-of-the-blue random.

Him: Hi sheylara, do you know how to draw Japanese cartoons?

Me: No, sorry, I can’t draw to save my life.

Him: Can you teach me how to draw Japanese cartoons?

Me: I can’t draw.

Him: Why can’t you draw?

Me: Er… why can’t YOU draw?

Him: Because I want to test you.

Me: What do you mean?

Him: I want you to teach me how to draw Japanese cartoons.



Sometimes I really wish I can look into people’s heads to see what they’re thinking.

What should I reply next?

Sheylara, Geek Goddess and Simply Jean featured on front page of Popcorn

Well, that was yesterday and I only managed to get a copy of the paper in the evening.

Popcorn is the teenage section of 联合早报, Singapore’s largest Chinese newspaper (in terms of circulation, not physical size, duh).

Don’t ask me what we’re doing in the teenage section. We just are.

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In case you can read Chinese, click on the image to see a bigger, readable version.

If you can’t, I guess I’ll tell you what the feature was about.

On May 23, one of the founding fathers of the Internet, Vint Cerf, was in Singapore to give a talk about Google and about the future of the Internet.

I wanted to blog about that event but I had forgotten to bring my camera that night so I didn’t have photos of the event. And since my mind is always crowded with too many projects and events, not having any photos of an event means it doesn’t exist. Haha.

I only remembered it when this news article came out.

Yeah, so, anyway, Popcorn did a story on Vint Cerf and his talk, which is the main front page story, while ours is a supplement feature of that story.

Four of us, Estee, Jean, Benjamin and myself, were invited to the talk and to be interviewed by the newspaper.

Yes, I know I’m very biased because I didn’t put Benjamin’s name in my blog title. But I don’t know him leh… I only know the girls. Haha.

We were asked what we liked about the Internet, whether we could envision life without the Internet and what we thought the Internet would be like in the future.

We were also asked many other things, but I suppose there’s not enough space on the page to cover everything.

The interview was conducted in English because I can’t express my thoughts well in Mandarin. I think the writer, Marcus Yeo, did a fantastic job of translating my words.

Basically, I said, “In a nutshell, the Internet is about connecting people and making information accessible. One of the things I like best about the Internet is MMORPGs. When I was little, I used to read fairytale novels and watch fairytale movies and wish I could be part of that magical fantasy world. MMORPGs allow me to do that!”

I also said, “If the Internet were to suddenly cease to exist, it would be like the world has suffered a global blackout. We would all feel isolated (at least I would).”

Something like that.

I think the photo they took of me during the interview is quite nice. So I’m happy. Haha.

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